Netizen Convinced That Gays Are Lacing Water To Spread “Gay-genda” In S’pore

“Gay-Laced Water Will Turn You Gay” Post Is By A Famous Troll

Maybe you’ve heard of the Facebook page “We are against Pinkdot In Singapore“. As the name suggests, the members do not like gays and are against all things and people gay.

Recently, a member, one Mr Sim, detailed his experience with a mysterious drink he calls “gay water”.

The viral post received tons of shares on Facebook, before netizens quickly figured out that it was written by a famous Internet troll. We take a closer look at it after the jump.


The Watergayte conspiracy

Mr Sim shares that an acquaintance he made had given him the glass to drink, on an unspecified occasion. He also seems to imply that his acquaintance was gay, because after taking in the water, Mr Sim felt a deep and inexplicable attraction toward him.

Mr Sim makes it clear that he’s been straight all his life. He also reiterates his faithfulness to Jesus Christ and by that fact, Christian principles.

This led him to deduce that the guy had laced the water with an invisible something that sways people to embrace homosexual tendencies.

Just a troll

If you were just getting excited at the fact that there could be someone so misguided as to conceive the notion of “gay-laced water”, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

The post was actually a playful piece of fiction by a known online troll named Jeremy Sim.

He was interviewed last year by Rice Media, where he shared his motivations, his principles, and about the meticulous process by which he crafts a troll post.

Here’s a quip he left on a Straits Times’ article.


Not to be taken seriously

What’s the point of posting such nonsensical things, you might ask?

Mr Sim explains this in his interview with Rice Media,

I’m trying to help people not take things too seriously because some things are just obviously stupid.

In the case of the gay-laced water, perhaps he was taking a jab at the Facebook page rallying against gays.

Food & drink for thought

We like that Mr Sim’s tongue-in-cheek parody has become a talking point for a somewhat polarising topic in Singapore.

And when we laugh at something, chances are that we’ll be less likely to commit it.

So if this troll post teaches us anything, it’s for us to be aware of how hard we’re pushing our agendas and not to get too carried away doing so.

Also, don’t forget to check your water — it might be gay-laced.

Featured image from Facebook.

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