Dog In S’pore Loves Cats But Keeps Scaring Them Off, Finally Befriends One At Clinic

German Shepherd That Loves Cats Finally Befriends One

For the most part, dogs and cats can be quite hostile around each other, and it doesn’t help when the former likes chasing the latter around so much.

However, one German Shepherd in Singapore recently broke this stereotype and befriended a cat.

German Shepherd cats

Source: @peters.human on TikTok

Though the canine is fond of cats, the love was unfortunately one-sided as most felines feared him.

As fate would have it, he encountered a friendly cat during a vet visit one day, and the rest is history.

German Shepherd was amazed to see cats after years of being a police dog

In a video shared by TikTok user @peters.human on Monday (2 Oct), viewers were introduced to Peter, a German Shepherd who “absolutely adores” cats.

German Shepherd cats

Source: @peters.human on TikTok

His owner said that he is constantly looking to befriend every cat he sees and sniff them.

Unfortunately, cats would allegedly run off in fear as soon as they saw him.

In a separate video, Peter’s owner gave more insight into his love for cats, revealing that he used to serve in the police force.

German Shepherd cats

Source: @peters.human on TikTok

As a result, he grew up around other dogs and had never known about cats until his current owner adopted him.

Following that, he was amazed when he saw a cat for the first time, which happened to be the neighbour’s cat, Ploof.

Peter’s owner said that he always looked forward to seeing his ‘friend’ during their walks, even if the excitement was one-sided.

German Shepherd cats

Source: @peters.human on TikTok

On another occasion, Peter met another cat named Billy whose owners were keen for them to become friends.

However, as evident from the photos shared, Billy was immediately hostile towards Peter.

German Shepherd cats

Source: @peters.human on TikTok

He appeared to have arched into a defensive stance and seemingly hissed at him.

German Shepherd met first feline friend after owner took him to a new clinic

One day, Peter’s owner brought him to a new vet for a checkup.

According to another video, she decided to switch to a new clinic due to a negative experience with the previous one.


Replying to @Camilla🌸 Peter recently had a high fever, so I had to bring him to the vet. However the vet we went to, they didn’t take care of him properly. He came back with a urine burn on his thigh & a wound on his mouth, after staying in the clinic for 2 days. The vet we went to is considered an emergency vet but they simply do not care. They charge really high fees but the standard of care is very bad. So we decided to go to a different vet, which is where we met the orange cat! This new vet was recommended by my neighbour, she actually specialises in feline medicine. #germanshepherd #germanshepherdsoftiktok #cats #germanshepherdlife #lovecats #mydogismybestfriend #dogtok #dogsoftiktok #cliniccats #cliniccatsoftiktok #vetvisit #tiktoksg #doglife

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Not only were the fees allegedly exorbitant, but the standard of care was also severely lacking as Peter supposedly returned with a urine burn on his thigh and a wound on his mouth.

In the same video, Peter’s owner also revealed that he has not been well for the past year. In fact, he has been unable to walk for a few months now.

Despite the circumstances that led them to a new clinic, the decision would soon prove to be a fruitful one.

Upon their arrival, there was a resident ‘oyen’ cat there that immediately came and sat next to Peter.

Peter’s owner said that she was very calm, unlike other cats who ran from him at first sight.

Not long after that, they were hanging out together in total bliss, with the cat curled up next to Peter.

Source: @peters.human on TikTok

In one shot, his owner even captured him looking up at her with a big smile, as if to tell her how happy he was to have finally made a cat friend.

A rare friendship formed in an unlikely place

Although a friendship between a cat and a dog seems rare, this story has proven that it is not impossible.

Furthermore, it formed in the most unlikely of places — the vet clinic, a place probably feared by most animals.

We’re over the moon that Peter has found the cat companion of his dreams. Hopefully, he will get better soon so they can enjoy many more cuddles together in the future.

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