6-Year-Old Girl Cuts Customer’s Hair At Salon In China, Mother Pays S$2,200 Compensation

6-Year-Old Girl Snips Off Stranger’s Hair At Salon In China

We’ve all probably experienced our fair share of bad haircuts, even at the hands of professionals.

However, one woman at a salon in China recently received an unpleasant makeover from a mischievous six-year-old.

The girl was waiting for her mother when she got a hold of a pair of scissors and used them to cut another customer’s hair.

The customer escalated the matter to the police and eventually, received around S$2,200 (¥11,500) compensation from the girl’s mother.

Girl gets up to mischief when left unattended in the hair salon

According to Sing Tao News, the incident took place on 16 May in Guangdong Province, China.

The girl’s mother was getting her hair done when her daughter started to wander around the salon.

As her mother had left her unattended, and the hairdressers were too busy to keep watch of her, she took the opportunity to snag a pair of scissors.

After which, she snuck up behind an unsuspecting female customer and cut off a chunk of her hair.

Source: 8World

Customer lodged a police report

When the customer noticed what had happened, she was shocked and began to cry.

Attempting to make the best of the situation, one of the hairstylists suggested to the customer to cut her hair short.

However, 8 World reported that she refused and was not willing to let the issue slide.

The customer then lodged a police report against the girl.

When the police arrived, they helped to negotiate an agreement between the customer and the girl’s mother.

Girl’s mother paid a sum to compensate the customer

In the end, the girl’s mother paid about S$2,192 (¥11,500) in compensation to the customer.

Furthermore, the hair salon has to give the customer eight free visits, with each visit being worth a maximum of S$285 (¥1,500).

These eight free visits will only be claimable within the next two years.

According to South China Morning Post, a hairdresser also helped to attach hair extensions for the customer.

Customer compensated after girl cuts her hair

Thankfully, the police were able to broker an acceptable deal for both sides.

Seeing that the girl had done a considerable amount of damage to the customer’s hair, it’s only fair that she faces the consequences.

Hopefully, the young girl has learnt her lesson, and that her caretakers won’t allow her to repeat her actions.

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Featured image adapted from South China Morning Post and 8World.

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