ShareTea Japan Now Has Glowing Pearls That Turn Golden Under Light In Your Cup Of Bubble Tea

Glowing Pearls From ShareTea Japan ‘Emit’ A Soft Golden Glow Under Light

You may have had unique flavoured pearls like black sesame, caramel and even chrysanthemum ones.

What about glowing pearls in your cup of bubble tea?

Recently, ShareTea, in collaboration with Sushiro – a sushi chain store in Japan – launched limited edition pearls that apparently emit light. Well, kinda. 


Glowing pearls turn golden when placed under light

These pearls may appear normal when placed on a table.


But place it on top of a light source, and watch them transform into glowing orbs.


These ‘magical’ pearls are not the result of some dodgy sorcery that would give you a nasty stomachache upon consumption. Like most things in life, it is perfectly explainable using science.


According to ELLE, these tapioca pearls are transparent. When they are placed under a light, such as the flash from a handphone camera, the pearls allow light to pass through, giving off the appearance that it is glowing.


These glowing pearls are also reportedly richer in taste as compared to conventional ones.

Here’s a video showing how the pearls ‘light up’.

S$3.54 per glowing cup of pearls

These glowing bubble tea pearls were launched last Friday (19 Jul) at Sushiro stores in Japan.

So if you happen to be making a trip over soon, check out the full list of stores here.

Each cup glowing pearl bubble tea will cost S$3.54 (¥280) and are available in limited quantities.


Bubble tea pearls will never glow old here

For now, it appears that these glowing pearls are only available in Japan.

But if you’d like to see them in Singapore too, comment down below, and who knows, we might just see Sharetea bring them to local stores too.

Would you like to try these glow-in-the-dark tapioca pearls? Or are they a tad too adventurous for your liking?

Featured image from Facebook.

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