Google Maps Has New Cycling Navigation Feature For Safe Travels Along Bike-Friendly Routes

Google Maps Will Have New Cycling Navigation Feature & Recommend Bicycle-Friendly Routes

Due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, many Singaporeans have tried to find ways to explore the country through hiking or cycling.

Thus, Google has noted the spike in searches for cycling routes in Singapore in 2019 and 2020.

Noting this surge, Google Maps decided to create a cycling navigation feature in Singapore, available for both Android and iOS users. They unveiled the new feature on Monday (8 Nov), which will span 6,800km of cycling trails and biking directions.

The feature will include step-by-step cycling directions, recommending bicycle-friendly roads. By doing so, it would help cyclists avoid expressways and tunnels which is not only dangerous but also an offence.

New cycling navigation feature in Google Maps Singapore

In the press release on Monday (8 Nov), Google Maps announced their new cycling navigation feature. It will be available for both Android and iOS users on desktop and mobile.

Singapore is the first Southeast Asian country to enjoy this feature as there has been a huge spike in Google searches for cycling routes.

Google’s Head of Geo Partnerships in South East Asia, Ms Cordula Oertel, noted the jump of 75% from 2020 and an increase of 400% from 2019, showing that Singaporeans were keen on cycling.

Over 6,800km of cycling data on trails and biking directions will be outlined directly on Google maps.

The 500km of data within Google Maps was provided by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and National Parks Board (NParks).

Thus, with the data, Google Maps will have various helpful features for cyclists in Singapore:

  • Step-by-step cycling directions
  • Island-wide network of linear green corridors linking major parks and nature areas across Singapore
  • Dedicated cycling paths and recommended bicycle-friendly roads

Additionally, Google Maps will help cyclists avoid expressways and tunnels which pose a danger.

Riding on expressways is also an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Cyclists can plan cycle journey with Google Maps

With the new feature, there will be a cycling option alongside the existing walking, driving and public transport options.

Thus, cyclists can plan their journey and explore different routes in Singapore.

They will also be able to track their trip progress with turn-by-turn navigation, receive ETA updates in real-time and find out the elevation of the route.

Image courtesy of Google Maps 

Cyclists who wish to give their feedback or route information for inclusion can do so through Google Maps’ “Send feedback” tool.

Google hopes their new feature would create a safe and helpful experience for cyclists to plan their journeys. It would also offer commuters a more sustainable and eco-friendly option to consider.

Hope cyclists can enjoy more routes

Since cycling can be beneficial to both our mental and physical health, it’s no wonder more people have been turning to the activity.

We’re glad that Google has decided to implement such a feature for cyclists in Singapore to enjoy.

With the new feature, we hope more people would get to explore new and safe cycling routes in their free time.

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