Donate To Migrant Workers Stuck In Poor Conditions During Covid-19, By Checking Welfare Group’s Directory

Check This Google Sheet To See What The Basic Needs Of Our Migrant Community Are, So We Can Provide Help

The Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore has hit foreign workers’ dormitories hard. With the virus spreading like wildfire in the dorms, the number of workers who are getting infected is on the rise, with many dorm clusters reporting cases.

On Tuesday (7 Apr), the Ministry of Health reported 106 new Covid-19 cases, with 39 linked to workers’ dormitories.

106 New Covid-19 Cases On 7 Apr, 39 Linked To Dormitory Clusters

Vulnerable migrant workers are more exposed to Covid-19

Following the outbreak, which is so bad that 3 dormitories have been designated as isolation areas, a debate has emerged over the awful conditions and poor sanitisation that migrant workers must endure.

The migrant community, who are away from their families and stuck living in poor conditions with no idea whether they will get paid during this period, will surely bear the brunt of the impact of any measures to stop Covid-19.

Upon the implementation of ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, workers have struggled with deteriorating conditions and a crowded environment because now the residents are staying at home 24/7.

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Thus, Singaporeans should do our part and help protect these vulnerable migrants who contribute so much to our country.

Organisations are taking action

Some voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and non-profit organisations (NGOs) have already sprung into action.

For example, on Tuesday (7 Apr), SG Climate Rally uploaded a spreadsheet listing out the urgent needs of migrant workers, inviting people to contribute if they can.


The group claims that migrant workers have not received enough assistance amid the pandemic.

Hence, they are calling for “equitable and inclusive” governmental measures, as well as donations to support migrant workers at this dark time.

Helping to provide urgent needs

We looked at SG Climate Rally’s Google sheet, and gathered that the urgent needs of our migrant community include the following:

  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Food and basic meals (i.e. care packages)
  • Communication assistance (i.e. free Wi-Fi)
  • Mental wellbeing (i.e assistance for fear, depression and stigma)
  • Financial assistance (i.e. workers may be underpaid)

Concerned citizens can do their part by contacting Theo ( to offer direct donations.

Some of the things the dormitories urgently need are cleaning supplies and hygiene products like soaps, liquid handwash, hand sanitizers and reusable masks.


Participating organisations are listed

The Google sheet also includes organisations that are raising donations for migrant workers in need, the types of support needed and the contact person for each organisation.

As of Wednesday (8 Apr), here is a list of participating organisations:

  • Citizen Adventures (in partnership with Singapore Migrant Friends)
  • Hagar Singapore
  • HealthServe
  • HOME
  • ItsRainingRaincoats
  • One Bag One Book
  • Migrant Writers of Singapore
  • Project Chulia Street
  • SDI Academy
  • SGcare Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Soap Cycling Singapore
  • Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)

A petition has been started

A petition to protect migrant workers, addressed to Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo has also started gaining traction.

As of Wednesday (8 Apr) 4pm, the petition started by Ms Kokila Annamalai has gained more than 3,300 supporters.


While the Government has introduced containment measures for the public, Ms Annamalai believes that we must also ensure the security and welfare of our workers.

The petition urged more action to ensure the cleanliness of dormitories and proper arrangements so that workers may exercise safe distancing from each other.

Doing your part

If you’ve got resources to spare, either big or small, consider helping the marginalised groups in society who do not have adequate protection from Covid-19.

In the meantime, abide by the recently implemented ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures to decrease Covid-19 infections.

Our success in eliminating the virus hinges on citizens doing their part and being responsible to avoid community transmission.

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