Grab PayLater Allows Users To Pay For All Their Grab Expenses In One Monthly Bill

Grab PayLater Compiles All GrabFood & Grab Rides Bills

Those of you who take Grab frequently and who order in through GrabFood whenever there’s a chance have reason to be glad. That’s because Grab is introducing a payment system that allows you to collect all those expenses and pay them at a go at the end of the month.

PayLater is a new payment method introduced by Grab, which allows users to lump their grab expenses and pay them in one monthly bill instead of paying each time they use a service.


This means expenses from services such as Grab rides, GrabFood orders and GrabExpress deliveries. Every user’s PayLater limit will be unique depending on their GrabRewards Tier.

The different GrabRewards tiers are:

  • Member (0 GrabPoints)
  • Silver (3000 GrabPoints)
  • Gold (9000 GrabPoints)
  • Platinum (19,000 GrabPoint)

However, Grab has yet to announce exact limit for each tier.

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Activating your PayLater

There are 3 simple steps — just open your Grab app and activate PayLater. The bill should come on the 1st of the next month, which you have to pay by 7th.

With PayLater, you not only get the convenience of paying for everything at once, but also get to have an overview of how much you’ve spent throughout the month.

This new payment system doesn’t mean that you’ll be forced to use it, so don’t worry. Let us know what you think of this payment system in the comments below!

Featured images adapted from Carousell and Grab.

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