You Can Buy A Meal For Your Rider With Any GrabFood Order From 14 Halal Restaurants

The high volume of orders since the ‘Circuit Breaker’ started has been stressful for delivery riders, but the increased compassion from Singaporeans has relieved them a little.

To cheer them up even more, GrabFood recently launched the #ForYourDeliveryPartner feature, which lets customers buy a rider a meal.

Screenshot from GrabFood app

No need for special requests anymore — simply select the option while making your usual order.

Buy a meal for your GrabFood rider while making an order

From 11 May to 7 Jun, the feature will be available when you make an order on the GrabFood app from 14 halal local restaurants.

Screenshot from GrabFood app

Some of the establishments include popular choices like Crave nasi lemak, Tuk Tuk Cha, Maki-San and Pezzo.

So while you’re salivating looking at the menu and deciding what to eat when you break fast later, why not treat your rider to some of the food?

They’ll most likely be delivering close to iftar time, and will need to break their fast too, so a kind gesture like that would mean a lot to them.

No need for special requests, just click & check out

The great thing about this feature is that you don’t have to rack your brain to come up with a clear message request.

All you have to do is click the #ForYourDeliveryPartner option on the restaurant’s menu and add the item to your basket.

The restaurant will pack the order separately. Upon checking out, inform the rider that you’ve bought him or her a meal, in the note specifying where they should leave the orders at outside your unit.

Screenshot from GrabFood app

The #ForYourDeliveryPartner shortcut is also on the GrabFood app main page, so you can see the list of nearby restaurants to choose from. Just scroll down and find it.

Show appreciation for GrabFood riders this festive season

GrabFood’s initiative coincides not only with ‘Circuit Breaker’ but also with Ramadan and soon, Hari Raya.

If you’d rather leave a tip instead, you can also do so, along with an encouraging message for your delivery rider.

With riders likely to be busy until movement restrictions are lifted, it’s heartening to know that companies like GrabFood have their welfare at heart.

Let’s support our hardworking riders too, and try out this feature the next time we order.

Featured image adapted from Grab.