GrabFood Customer Stuck In West Coast HDB Asks To Collect Delivery Using A Rope

GrabFood Customer Grounded In West Coast HDB Orders Food Delivery & Pulls It Up

Most of the time, we turn to food delivery services like GrabFood when we’re too lazy to walk out.

In this case, a customer had to turn to GrabFood as they were apparently stuck at home. What’s worse was that even when the food arrived, they couldn’t step out to retrieve it.

Hence, an ingenious idea was borne — pulling the delivered food using a rope pulley up to the 6th floor HDB flat in West Coast.

The request was so bizarre that GrabFood driver Azhar Jamil documented the entire process and posted it on Twitter.

The video went viral and garnered 1,300 retweets at the time of writing.

Azhar referred to this as one of the “craziest food experience” he had. Here’s how it all went down.

GrabFood customer stuck at home but still needs to eat

Upon arriving at the delivery destination, Azhar learnt that the customer was grounded at home, thus couldn’t come to the door to collect the food.


So the customer requested for the food to be delivered using a rope pulley system. They had thrown a rope down for Azhar to attach to the paper bag.

Pulling the food up Rapunzel style

Once the paper bag had been attached to the rope, the customer slowly pulled his food up level by level — almost like a manual elevator.


And up it goes.


We can’t help but feel that this is a scene reminiscent of famous Disney Princess, Rapunzel, who is famous for letting her hair down so that her prince could climb up.


GrabFood drivers go all out to meet our needs

If there’s one takeaway from this story, it’s that food delivery drivers would go all out to meet the requests of their customers. Even if it means having to eat way past their mealtimes.

Feeling inspired to try the pulley method for your next order? It’d be best to make sure that your rope is strong enough to sustain the weight of your food.

Else, you’ll probably end up skipping a meal for the day. Oof.


Feature images adapted from Twitter.

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