Clementi GrabFood Rider Decorates Bicycle With Fairy Lights & Pikachus

Pikachu, the electric rodent that we’ve all grown to love, is Ash’s favourite companion. But it seems Ash isn’t the only one who enjoys Pikachu’s company.


One GrabFood rider who delivers around Clementi has been spotted with a pack of Pikachus on his bicycle.


It remains a mystery if the Pikachus serve as mere decorations or deterrence against Team Rocket grunts who might steal the food.

GrabFood rider with Pikachu plushies seen around Clementi

The Pikachu trainer who also works as a GrabFood rider might seem familiar to many of you. That’s because he, or rather his bike, has been featured a number of times on the Singapore subreddit.

The earliest mention of him on Reddit dates back 6 months ago in Apr 2020.


However, it seems he has added even more Pikachu decorations to his bike.

One Reddit thread started on Tuesday (27 Oct) shows at least 7 Pikachus in different costumes on just one side of his bike.


The decorations truly come to ‘life’ at night as the attached fairy lights are turned on, transforming the unassuming bike into a mini Chingay vehicle.


Apart from Pikachus in his rear compartment, the GrabFood rider also has a basket of sunflowers at the front.

Netizen asks if he’s selling plushies

Turns out, the Pokémon trainer GrabFood rider is frequently seen around the neighbourhood of Clementi.

One Redditor who provides security services claims they encountered him once and described him as a “chill” chap.


Another asked if the rider was selling his Pikachu plushies — we really can’t tell if he was joking or not.


Have you seen him around?

It’s refreshing to see the GrabFood rider zhng-ing his bike to reflect the things he feels passionate about.

Clementi residents — have you seen him around your neighbourhood?

Better still, if you are acquainted with the GrabFood rider, let us know how we can contact him — we are dying to find out which is his favourite Pikachu plushie.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit and Reddit