Inflatable Pikachu Will Always Have Your Back, Strong BFF For Kids & Parents

For most of our life, we’ve been bonding with Pikachu by playing video games and watching the Pokémon  TV series. If you’ve ever wished for a life-sized Pokémon, then we’ve found the perfect product for you.

Japan design studio JAM has created a 50-centimetre Pokémon Air Pikachu. True to its name, this version is a life-sized inflatable that kids can sit on or use as a chair or armrest.


Let’s take a look at this Pokémon that can carry your kids like a little pony.

Inflatable Pikachu for kids

Playing with Pokémon merchandise has led to many fun childhood memories. Now, older fans who want their kids and nieces to inherit their love for all-things Pokémon can gift them this inflatable Pikachu.


Unlike the typical stuffed toy, Pokémon Air Pikachu can literally carry your kids on its back.

The inflatable can support weights of up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds), making it possible for parents and grandparents to join in the fun.


According to SoraNews, it also boasts of a “subtle forest aroma”, which will elevate the little ones’ outdoor playing experience.


Pikachu companion

Thanks to this innovative product, young kids can have a Pikachu by their side just like Ash Ketchum. During study time, we imagine they’ll be more motivated to complete their homework with an adorable buddy by their side.


If they ever feel down, all it takes is a cuddle from their loyal BFF to make their day brighter.


There’s nothing like sharing your fandom with friends and cousins. With this cute companion, your kids are guaranteed to create a neighbourhood filled with like-minded fans.


Works as a chair & backrest too

Since this strong inflatable Pikachu can withstand a considerable load, it works well as a chair and backrest too.


As you complete your work, you can even lean back on your Pikachu. While this version doesn’t release electricity, you may get the boost you need to fulfill your requirements. Here’s to hoping it can charge your laptop and smartphones in the future.


Available for pre-order from 1 Oct

Pre-order for the Pokémon Air Pikachu begins on 1 Oct at 11am. You can check out the JAM website to find more information.

At S$97 (7,500 yen), it’s a bit pricey compared to other merchandise, but at least you and your kids can ride on this life-sized version. For international customers, the adorable merchandise will be shipped from mid-November.

Until then, mark your calendars because we expect loyal fans will be ordering as soon as possible.

Are you interested in this inflatable Pikachu? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image adapted from JAM