Man Hopes To Reunite Ailing Grandma With Long-Lost Grandkids To Fulfill Her Final Wish

The Hunt For Her Lost Grandchildren Continues On Viral Facebook Post

Many grandparents dream of watching their grandchildren grow up. For some, that becomes a reality. But for others, things aren’t as rosy.

The 93-year-old grandmother of one Mr Jacky Choi happens to fall into the latter group.

In a Facebook post, Mr Choi wrote that his grandmother, Mdm Ma Wai Kuen, has not seen two of her grandchildren in decades.


He told MS News that Mdm Ma’s “health is poor” and she “may not have very long more to live”.

Her “last wish” is to see her two grandchildren again. That is why he has requested that anyone who recognises the two children to give him or any of his relatives a call.

Jacky believes that her two grandchildren would now be between the ages 30 and 35.

Little is known about the separation

The two children were separated from the family at a young age. Afterwards, they were never seen or heard from again by the family.

All that is left to remember them is an old photograph, which Mr Choi had uploaded with the post.


The photograph shows a family comprising 10 adults and and 2 children. Mdm Ma sits in the middle of the photograph.

Mr Choi said that he was very young at the time, and had no recollection of the incident. He also never learnt the reasons for the separation.

Users try to help

Many users were keen to help Mr Choi and his grandmother, but raised potential problems such as being able to recognise the grown-up children.


Another user tried to retrieve more information about the long-lost grandchildren. Unfortunately, Mr Choi told him that his uncle was against revealing their names and details.


It certainly seems like an uphill task for Mr Choi.

So if the photograph tickles a memory in you, just give Mr Choi a call. He has provided his and his relatives’ phone numbers on the Facebook post. We’ve reproduced them here as well.

  • 9423 7237
  • 9007 9617
  • 9118 2392
  • 8233 8614
  • 8157 3534

Do contact Mr Choi or any of his relatives at these phone numbers via a call, if you have further information.

We sincerely hope that Mr Choi will be able to help Mdm Ma find her grandchildren and fulfill her last wishes.

Featured image from Jacky Choi on Facebook.

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