Volunteers Distributing Food Come Across Granny In Distress, Call Police & SCDF To Rescue Her

During difficult times, many people would consider certain jobs to be essential. Some of these would obviously be in healthcare, cleaning and food services.

However, an important job that may not come to mind immediately is that of a social worker.

Though technically not a job, volunteers who perform social work are also essential to the welfare of members of the community.

A recent case where a granny fell in her toilet is a good example.


A group of volunteers who happened to come by her flat likely saved her life, as they managed to get help for her.

The story of how they did so can be found in this Facebook post.


Veggie restaurant also distributes food to the needy

Mummy Yummy Singapore is a restaurant at Jalan Pari Burong, off Upper Changi Road, which serves vegetarian and vegan food.


However, Mummy Yummy isn’t just a restaurant but also an welfare group that helps out in the community, including giving out free food to the needy.


According to them, they’ve been distributing food from door to door at rental flats in Singapore since 2013.

Volunteers came across granny in distress

During one of their usual food distributions on Saturday (20 Mar), 8 of Mummy Yummy’s volunteers came across a flat where all was not right.

They found that an elderly lady was lying in her toilet, seemingly unable to get up.

In fact, from the gate, they could see her feet hanging out of the toilet door.

They called out to her, and found that she thankfully wasn’t unconscious.

Police & SCDF broke into the flat

The volunteers called the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), who arrived shortly.


As they could see that the granny was lying on the floor, there was no time to lose.

They broke into the unit and managed to carry her out, and onto a stretcher.


The granny was sent to hospital via ambulance for some much-needed medical attention.

Mummy Yummy were grateful to the police and SCDF for their quick action, and rated them an unmathematical 150%.

Volunteers must be always ready to help

This incident has highlighted how important community work is.

While Mummy Yummy’s volunteers certainly don’t expect every visit to be this exciting, they said their 8 volunteers gained some valuable life experience.

It’s taught them that they should be prepared to be ready to help when needed, as they’re the ones who’re actually there serving the community.

After all, you never know when someone may need help.


Volunteers could have saved her life

If people still don’t think social work is important, consider this.

If not for the volunteers being there at the right moment, the old lady could have laid on her floor for a much longer time, especially if she lived alone.

Depending how serious her injuries were, she would have deteriorated slowly or quickly. At the very least, she would have been unable to eat or rest properly in such a state.

Either way, her life could been in great danger. She could be somebody’s beloved mother or grandmother.

So just by virtue of being there, the volunteers very likely saved the lady’s life. As Yummy Mummy said,

When someone is there for the vulnerable at their weakest moment, the percentage of him/her surviving the accident will increase sharply.

Just being there helps

Kudos to Mummy Yummy and their volunteers not just for saving the granny, but for their tireless work in the community.

Not everybody will want to do community work, so just doing so without any recognition or reward is noble in itself.

Just being physically present increases the chance that those who need help will get it, and that already improves their lives in a big way.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.