6 Things To Know About Yello Digital Marketing’s Acquisition Of Gushcloud

Gushcloud To Come Under The Umbrella Of Yello Digital Marketing

We don’t really beat around the bush, so here are six things about the new acquisition.

1. Yello Digital Marketing (YDM) is a subsidiary of Yello Mobile (YM)

YM is the largest mobile app developer in Korea, and YDM owns the top 10 digital media companies in Korea. In total, there are more than 70 companies under the Yello umbrella, and that number is increasing further.

2. Yello Mobile apps are used by around half of all South Koreans

One of their apps has more active users than that of Facebook in Korea.

3. YDM has had some experience in acquisitions

By some, we mean a lot, and in a very short timespan.

YDM acquired 61 start-ups in 2014, and Gushcloud is their first in Singapore.

4. Gushcloud retains autonomy and distinction between influencer marketing and digital publishing

Gushcloud will continue to be the social media marketing arm which it is primarily known for, while YDM will have a majority stake in the newly renamed Gush Digital Group, which includes us.

So yes, we are associated with Gushcloud, but we are now also majority-owned by YDM.

5. Gush Digital Group consists of companies like us!

We’re still the same website and will remain as MustShareNews.com.

6. More announcements and plans to come in the next few months

With the acquisition, YDM will be shifting its South East Asian headquarters to Singapore in the coming months.

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With references from The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia

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