Haidilao Customer Fined $4,000 For Smashing Bowl On Fellow Diner

Anyone who has patronised Haidilao would be familiar with the large variety of condiments that customers can customise their sauce with.


Yet early this year, the sauce counter at Haidilao Clarke Quay played host to a bizarre series of events which led to one customer smashing another in the face with a sauce bowl.


Now the culprit has to face the music, receiving a hefty $4,000 fine in court today (14 Nov).

Haidilao customer claims fellow diner was being unhygienic

According to CNA, the victim was at Haidilao’s Clarke Quay outlet with his friends at around 3.25am on 12 Jan 2019.

He was reportedly queuing at the condiment counter and eating directly from a bowl while standing in line.

Standing in line behind him was Jason Gao, the assaulter.

As the victim reached the counter, he allegedly placed the bowl he was eating from on the counter as he filled his sauce container.

Apparently unhappy with the act which he thought was “unhygienic”, Gao confronted the victim and told him to remove his bowl from the counter.

In response, the victim allegedly said that he would only do so after he had finished filling his sauce container.

Increasingly furious after hearing this, Gao began arguing with the victim.

Gao eventually lost his cool, grabbed his victim’s neck, and smashed his own sauce bowl into the poor man’s face.

Victim sustained a 1.5cm gash

Both men tussled afte Gao pushed his victim to the floor, till onlookers pulled them apart.

The victim later visited Changi General Hospital for medical treatment for a 1.5-cm gash on his nose. He received 6 days of medical leave.


On 14 Nov, Gao pleaded guilty to “voluntarily causing hurt” and was fined $4,000.

He could have been jailed for 2 years, fined $5,000, or both.

Gao has also compensated $8,000 for the victim’s medical expenses.

Hope the assailant learns his lesson from this incident

We hope Gao learns his lesson from this incident and will learn to control his temper better in the future.

If your emotions ever get too overwhelming in a tense situation, perhaps it’s best to step away for a quick breather.

As Gao probably would have learned, hurting others and having to pay for that is not worth a fleeting moment of anger.

Featured image adapted from The Smart Local and Facebook