President Halimah Responds To Tangs Hijab Incident, Says Workplace Diversity Is Key

President Halimah Shares Thoughts On Tangs Hijab Incident

A recent dispute over the wearing of a hijab at a local workplace had surfaced on social media.

Tangs has since shared they will remove any restrictions – originally in place to ensure “professionalism” – and allow the hijab to be worn at work.


President Halimah Yacob penned her thoughts down on the issue on Thursday (20 Aug), expressing her hope that diversity in the workplace will continue to be upheld.


We summarise her Facebook post below and why it’s an issue that definitely needs to be looked at in detail, to build a more inclusive society.

Thoughts on Tangs removing restrictions

President Halimah began her post by sharing that reporters had asked her for her take on the incident.

Tangs had allegedly asked a sales promoter to “remove her hijab”, in order to work on the company’s premises.


The brand has since reversed their decision on this to ensure “professionalism”, to allowing the hijab to be worn at work.

Discrimination has no place in our society

Mdm Halimah expressed a strong rhetoric against discrimination.

In her words,

Discrimination of any form and against anyone has no place at all in our society — most certainly not at the workplace.

She believes that citizens should only be assessed on merits and abilities to fulfill job requirements.

Crucial to be inclusive during Covid-19 period

At the workplace, any form of discrimination is “particularly disturbing” as it deprives the person in question from “earning a living”.

The president opined that this is even more crucial during Covid-19 period, where concerns about jobs & livelihoods are greater.

Similar incidents may also “exacerbate anxieties” and cause unrest & confusion for already vulnerable members of society, she shared.

Diversity is our strength

Finally, Mdm Halimah opined that diversity has always been Singapore’s strength — even as society continues to embrace it today.

She hopes that employers will follow through with a similar spirit in the workplace, musing,

I hope…employers will fully embrace diversity at the workplace and do their part to uphold the values of a fair & open society.

A fair & open society includes workplaces too

Though the Tangs incident was unfortunate, we hope that things will be better in the workplace now that restrictions have been lifted.

What do you think Singapore can do more to build a fairer & more inclusive society for all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Modern Diplomacy.

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