192 Hamsters Need Shelter & Nursing, Hamster Society Ask For Donations

There are cases where for various reasons, an owner is unable to take care of their pet anymore and needs to find a new home for them.

In this case, an organisation suddenly found themselves with 192 hamsters, and now they urgently need help as many of them are sick.


Hamster Society Singapore is now looking for donations to nurse these little ones, as several are sick.

Hamster Society receives 192 rodents

On Saturday (17 Oct), Hamster Society (HS) received 192 rodents from someone.

They explained that the owner was suffering from hoarding disorder, and was also insufficiently educated on hamster care, leading to them breeding out of control.


Many of the hamsters are either sick or have just given birth, HS said.


HS seeks donations

Receiving 192 hamsters at once, even for experienced caretakers, can be overwhelming.

HS says that due to Covid-19, they cannot hold fundraising events.

As such, HS are looking for donations to help nurse sick hamsters back to health, and to rehome them.

You can help to do so by scanning this PayNow QR code.


Otherwise, you can also make a transfer to their Unique Entity Number (UEN): T19SS0047DHSS

Urges comments to be kind

HS also emphasised that hoarding is a mental illness.

As such, they reminded netizens to not condemn the person.

Hoarding Disorder is a recognised mental illness and there are treatments available for them.

Like with other mental illnesses, the person rarely has control over their compulsions and may require help to stabilise.

HS added that they’re helping her out to get support.

Hopefully hamsters get the help they need

While it’s unfortunate that a lack of education led to this amount of hamsters, what’s done is done.

Now, HS can only ensure that they’re taken care of and rehomed.

If you’re able to, you can help donate to their cause, so that they can get the help they need.

At the same time, it’s good to know that HS are helping the lady out with support.

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