Netizen Complains About $2 Hari Raya Green Packets, Internet’s Not Having It

Netizen Who Complained About $2 Green Hari Raya Packets, Called Entitled By Netizens

Is everyone enjoying their Hari Raya so far?

With delicious feasts and green packets up for grabs, we’re sure most people are having the time of their lives.

Well, at least one person isn’t.

He or she took to Instagram to post a bitter rant on 17 Jun (Sunday) about not receiving enough money in green packets, to the ire of netizens.

We discuss opposing sides to the debate after the screenshot of the post below.


Time to rethink prices?

The author of the post tackled the issue head-on, saying,

Let me just say…People who still give $2/$4/$5 green packets, y’all need to rethink that choice.

Directing frustration at people who chose to give ‘small’ amounts of cash in ‘angpows’, the author lamented about what kids can actually do with $2 today.

Taking into account inflation, perhaps the author was referring to the decreasing value of cash in absolute terms.

He or she called out parents’ justifications that this amount was okay in their era, further commenting it was “not…nice” to think the same amount was appropriate now.

Since Hari Raya only happens once a year, the author mused that givers of green packets should be more generous, quipping,

Show some sport and at least let the kid have something to enjoy la. Let the amount in the green packet be sick not basic.


Emphasis on basic.

Netizens pack on the criticism

Netizens were far from impressed when it came to this person’s post.


Some highlighted the quantity of green packets which need to be give to “all the kids who came to your house”.

Elaborating that it was unrealistic to dispense $50 to all of them.


Others clarified that giving of green packets was not compulsory, and that children needed to to be duly educated.


In a tit-for-tat smackdown, this creative netizen even paraphrased the post.

Saying that he or she should let “hardworking adults have something to enjoy” as well.


Finally, one netizen’s comment rang true.

She spoke of how even if it was just a “$2 blessing”, it was not about the money but the “bonding” between families.

Packets of controversies

Whether we’re talking about Hari Raya or Chinese New Year, seems like a debate about cash will somehow be ignited.

Red packets, green packets, and the spirit of entitlement aside — we agree that it’s not about the amount, but the thought behind the gesture.

Of course, giving more cash – for those who can afford it – may make our children happier.

But the question is, at what cost?

Featured image from Rahmanhariri.

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