5 Magical Experiences To Look Forward To At ‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’ In Sentosa

5 Magical Experiences To Look Forward To At 'Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience' In Sentosa

‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’ Light Trail Officially Opens In Singapore On 3 Feb

Who knew that just 15 minutes from VivoCity lay a mystical forest where wizarding wonders await?

Well, it’s actually just Sentosa’s scenic Coastal Trail, but it’s amazing what colourful lights, atmospheric music and high-quality props can do to a place.

From Saturday (3 Feb), Potterheads in Singapore will finally get a chance to see what it’s like inside the fabled Forbidden Forest.

‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’ is an enchanting light trail that isn’t just insanely Instagrammable/TikTokable (depending on your generation) — it also has lots of interactive elements that make you feel like you’re essentially in a theme park.

We guess that’s the closest we’ll get to having The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in the Lion City for now.

MS News got to check out the media preview of ‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’ on Thursday (1 Feb) and here are five experiences you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Cast your own Patronus charm & other spells

It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter experience without the opportunity to cast your own spells.

The Patronus is known as one of the most powerful defensive charms in the Wizarding World — and the most difficult one to master.

Well, perhaps Sentosa’s Forbidden Forest grants everyone extra magical powers because anyone could easily summon a ghostly animal guardian with a simple flick of a wand — staff will provide you with one, but diehards can bring your own — and the incantation, “Expecto Patronum”.

The Dementors are shaking.

forbidden forest

Image by MS News

From what we observed, each visitor was able to ‘summon’ a different animal each time, so seeing what critter you get is half the fun.

Another spell you would feel like a badass casting is the fire-making “Incendio”, which lights up a row of lanterns.

Image by MS News

Don’t forget to have your camera ready to record these cool moments.

2. Have a duel with your friend

You’ll have the opportunity to re-enact one of the many epic duels in the ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Fantastic Beasts’ flicks as well.

Simply touch your wand — again, staff will be there to provide you with one if you don’t have your own — to a small metal point and watch a burst of ‘lightning’ shoot out towards your opponent, complete with buzzing sound effects.

forbidden forest

Image by MS News

The scenic Keppel Bay and Harbourfront skyline in the backdrop adds a nice local touch.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your rival using the disarming “Expelliarmus” charm against you or worse, “Avada Kedavra” aka the Killing Curse.

3. Bow to a Hippogriff & spot other magical creatures

Naturally, the Forbidden Forest should be filled with magical creatures.

One highlight is the Hippogriff, which you’ll encounter quite near the start of the trail.

As Hagrid mentions in the film, these majestic half-eagle, half-horse beasts are “proud”, so you’ve got to show them the proper respect by bowing.

Spoiler alert: the Hippogriff in ‘A Forbidden Forest Experience’ always bows back. Try it and see for yourself.

forbidden forest

You’ll also come across a gang of mischievous Nifflers and their loot of stolen shiny objects.

Better hide all your sparky stuff when you pass by.

Not all the creatures are quite as, um, cuddly, though.

Towards the end of the trail, things will start to get a little darker and spookier as we enter the lair of the giant human-eating spider Aragog.

Image courtesy of Fever

While he’s not actually going to jump out and hurt you, the event’s FAQ page states that those with a fear of spiders may inform the team beforehand and they will assist you through the area.

4. Sip on Butterbeer & munch on other themed snacks

If you’re worried about feeling a little thirsty or peckish, fret not because there will be a little snack booth about halfway through the trail.

Look forward to munching on themed cookies and, of course, sipping the iconic Butterbeer.

forbidden forest

The Butterbeer is a vegan and gluten-free blend that’s “reminiscent of shortbread and butterscotch”, it says on the menu.

It’s also non-alcoholic — despite its name — so the little ones can drink it, too.

We do feel the need to mention that it’s been given a Nutri-Grade rating of ‘D’ (Hermione might not approve), but hey, nothing wrong with treating yourself. You did just walk a literal hiking trail, after all.

You’ll find more F&B options nearer to Siloso Beach opposite the start of the trail, as well as a merchandise store where you can purchase cool items to remember your trip.

5. Soak in the atmosphere of the Forbidden Forest

Even without partaking in any of the activities above, just stepping into the Forbidden Forest is an experience in itself.

Colourful lights and props render the Coastal Trail almost unrecognisable — perhaps even to folks who regularly hike there.

Image courtesy of Fever

Every step of the way, you will be enveloped in atmospheric sound effects, whether it’s music or dialogue from the films.

And yes, you will even hear You-Know-Who/He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named/Lord Voldemort’s hissy whispers, which is both terrifying and kinda cool at the same time.

Speaking of terrifying, there is a part of the trail that is closed off and shrouded in darkness, hinting at the presence of Dementors.

Now, we don’t actually get to see the wraithlike joy suckers, but the sound effects are enough to send shivers down the spine.

Thankfully, it isn’t long before Harry Potter’s stag Patronus shows up to save the day, as seen in ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’.

All in all, it is the attention to detail that really makes every step of the trail a remarkable — or should we say magical — experience.

Win 2 tickets to ‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’

Although it’s been almost 30 years since the first ‘Harry Potter’ book came out, it’s clear that the franchise still has a hold on fans of all ages.

‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’ will officially open to the public in Singapore on Saturday (3 Feb).

While there doesn’t seem to be an end date for now, tickets are available until 21 Apr.

Image courtesy of Fever

Tickets are priced from S$51 for adults and S$39 for children and can be purchased here.

And here are more details on how you can get there:

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience
Location: Coastal Trail, Sentosa
Date: From 3 Feb
Time: 7.45pm – 11pm (last entry at 10.15pm)

For more detailed directions, click here.

Last but not least, we have something special lined up for our dear MS News readers: two complimentary tickets to ‘Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’, courtesy of Fever.

To win, simply head to our Instagram post and follow the instructions there. Good luck!

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