2 Teens Get Free Harry Styles Concert Tickets From Strangers While Sitting Outside National Stadium

Harry Styles Fans Get Free Tickets While Listening To Concert Outside National Stadium

British pop star Harry Styles finally made his way to our shores yesterday (17 Mar) for the second stop of the Asia leg of his ‘Love On Tour’.

While the singer’s concert was highly anticipated, not everyone managed or had the means to get tickets to the show.

For two Harry Styles fans who initially camped outside the National Stadium, fate smiled upon them when they received two free tickets from strangers.

Harry Styles free tickets

Source: @emmuhraeee on TikTok

As a result, they were able to get much more up close and personal with their idol, and even got to buy official merchandise.

Harry Styles fans sat outside National Stadium as they didn’t have tickets

TikTok user Emmarae shared her surreal experience yesterday (17 Mar) in a video.


@emmuhraeee we were eating tteokbokki and listening to satellite and then i flipped out #hslot #harrystylessingapore ♬ Satellite – Harry Styles

Emmare told MS News that she and her friend Yu An were eating tteokbokki, or Korean spicy rice cakes, on the floor outside the National Stadium.

Source: @emmuhraeee on TikTok

“We arrived around seven songs in. We brought chips and microwave food from 7-Eleven with us and were just eating outside,” she said.

Harry Styles was performing his hit song ‘Satellite’, which they were listening to from outside the stadium.

At that moment, two women came by and allegedly offered the pair their concert tickets for free.

“They asked us if we wanted their tickets because they said they had to rush off somewhere,” Emmarae said, adding that she and her friend were eating outside for about 10 to 15 minutes before being approached.

Fans got to buy official merch & see Harry Styles up close

Emmarae and her friend agreed. So even though they hadn’t finished their food, they packed up immediately and went to the security check after getting the tickets.

Initially, Emmarae and Yu An hesitated to take the tickets as they were too stunned by the offer. But as the women insisted, Emmarae thanked them eventually.

“It just hit us that we just got ourselves a chance to watch the concert. I started freaking out.”

“We checked their section on the seating plan, and it was a Cat 3 ticket (S$288), so we were really shocked,” she related.

Sadly, due to the no re-entry terms, Emmarae said they didn’t get to go inside. “But we could stand at the gates and got a clear view of him performing. We could hear the songs and interactions much better, which was a huge upgrade from us just sitting outside eating our microwaved tteokbokki,” she said.

Source: @emmuhraeee on TikTok

The tickets also gave them the chance to buy official Harry Styles merchandise.

Yu An is then pictured showing off the white ‘Love On Tour’-themed T-shirt he bought.

Source: @emmuhraeee on TikTok

Original Harry Styles concert ticketholders had somewhere urgent to be

Upon sharing her experience, Emmarae’s video drew disbelief and envy from viewers who could not believe her luck.

Even her own sister could not contain her jealousy, as she is seen in the video joking about throwing a pillow at Yu An’s face.

Source: @emmuhraeee on TikTok

In response to a viewer’s question, Emmarae said that the original ticketholders had something else going on, so they had to rush off.

Harry Styles free tickets

Source: TikTok

Another user who commented below her added that a whole family originally seated next to her friend had also left early.

Their reason was allegedly that concertgoers in front decided to stand up, blocking their view of the stage.

Harry Styles free tickets

Source: @emmuhraeee on TikTok

It appeared that Emmarae and Yu An were not the only ones who struck gold that night. One other netizen said they were the third group they saw to enter for free.

Harry Styles free tickets

Source: TikTok

A few other viewers also mentioned noticing the duo at the concert.

Harry Styles free tickets

Source: TikTok

A moment to remember

This is certainly a moment that we’re sure these Harries — as Styles’ fans call themselves — won’t forget anytime soon.

Hopefully, the next time Harry Styles swings by Singapore, they’ll be able to get tickets and take in the full show.

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Featured image adapted from @emmuhraeee on TikTok.

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