Haw Par Villa Reborn As Chio Wedding Venue & Artsy Events Space

Haw Par Villa Now Has A Wedding Venue And Cool Events Space

Mention Haw Par Villa and terrifying images of hellish torture will flash in anyone’s mind.

The theme park with statues depicting scenes from Chinese folklore is the last place anyone would visit to have a good time.

But the park’s new look after a 3-month long renovation could change people’s minds.

Wedding venue for brave soulmates

Stories of ghost sightings used to deter many from stepping foot in Haw Par Villa. Celebrating happy occasions there would have been totally unheard of.

But the spanking new wedding venue could make Haw Par Villa the place where two souls unite, nevermind that some others could be lingering around.


The huge hall adorned with pretty fairy lights and clean furnishings could lull you into thinking you’re in a fancy building.


Just don’t look outside where the lights don’t shine as brightly, or you might see something that’ll make you turn as white as the table cloth.


Jokes aside though, the wedding venue looks legit.

Air-conditioned dining spaces are available indoors, and there’s an outdoor one if you want to dine under the stars in the courtyard.


Having a wedding at a famously haunted place sounds scary, but you won’t think twice since everyone will be in high spirits.

Events space for artsy millennials

Young ‘uns who don’t attend weddings and aren’t planning one yet will also have a reason to visit Haw Par Villa.

The park has recently become an unassuming location for cool events catered to youths.

Just before closing for repairs, the park hosted Noise Invasion, an event which had local musicians like Sam Rui putting up captivating performances for a pretty big audience.


Food booths were set up to feed the hungry crowds who were happy to queue like they usually do at events like Artbox or Twilight Festival.


Those looking to buy quirky items were also treated to an art market, a collaboration between Noise Invasion and Megafash.


Escape game for the fearless

But if you really want to remind yourself that you’re in a spooky place, join the exclusive “Journey to the End and Back Escape Game” conducted by Lockdown Singapore.

The game runs throughout the year so you can come down any time you need a scare.


You’ll get an hour to solve puzzles and riddles about Chinese mythology or you’d be stuck in the infamous Ten Courts of Hell.

We’re not sure how different that would be from everyday life, but we wouldn’t risk staying too long in a place teeming with spirits.

Official opening on 1 Mar

The Singapore Tourism Board has announced that the new and improved Haw Par Villa will reopen on Friday (1 Mar).

Admission remains free, so you can come and go as you please. But if you’re keen on hosting an event there, you can contact the management for more information.

Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628
Opening hours: 9am-7pm daily
Nearest MRT station: Haw Par Villa

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Featured image from Google Maps and Haw Par Villa.

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