HDB Clarifies Video Of Motorist Lifting Carpark Barrier Arm

Motorist Was Instructed To Lift Carpark Barrier Arm

Sometimes, the gantry barriers at carparks can get stubborn and won’t go up to let you pass.

A video uploaded to Roads.sg showed a man meddling with the barrier arm and finally pushing it straight up so that his car could pass through.

The incident happened on Tuesday (16 Oct) at a carpark at Jurong West St 81.


Some netizens concluded that the motorist had taken matters into his own hands and pushed the barrier arm up without lawful instruction.

HDB steps in

Yesterday, HDB clarified the matter on its Facebook page.

It wrote that the gantry had indeed been faulty and that the motorist could not exit the carpark.

The service provider instructed the motorist to lift the barrier manually as they could not do so remotely.

HDB explains that the barrier arms are by design “detachable”. This is in case of emergencies, such as when cars may need to exit the carpark quickly.

The barrier arms don’t come cheap

You may have heard of the man who was required to pay an unforgiving $1,500 for the bus stop bench he stole.

Well, if you’re considering stealing a barrier arm, you should know that those things don’t come cheap either.

Roads.sg investigated the matter when a taxi struck and broke a barrier arm some time ago. They discovered that the cost of replacing a straight barrier arm ranges from $900 to $1,400, depending on the company employed for the replacement. And if you have a taste for the bi-fold kinds, bad news — the range rises to $2,500 to $3,500.

So the next time you’re thinking of messing with the barrier arm, you had better think twice.

Featured image from Roads.sg.

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