Singles May Apply For HDB Rental Flats Solo From End-2021, Agencies Will Help Find Flatmates

Singles May Apply For HDB Rental Flats Without Finding Flatmate First

Under current processes, singles above 35 can jointly apply for an HDB rental flat under the Joint Singles Scheme (JSS).

However, not everyone may be able to find someone who they are comfortable living with.

In a bid to help these individuals find a roof above their heads, HDB will be piloting a new scheme that allows singles to apply for public rental flats solo.


Social service agencies will arrange for a suitable flatmate and help mediate any issues that may arise.

Singles can apply for HDB rental flats alone in new pilot scheme

The pilot was announced on Thursday (4 Mar) during the Committee of Supply (COS) Debates by Minister of State Muhammad Faishal.


An alternative model to the existing JSS, the new pilot will enable singles to apply for HDB flats by themselves.

This is slightly different from the existing JSS, where singles are required to find a flatmate prior to applying.

Though most tenants have no problems finding a flatmate with whom they can live amicably, that’s not the case for all.

To help these individuals who fall through the crack, HDB will reportedly be setting aside “a few floors in a few rental blocks” for the pilot.


Under the new scheme, social service agencies will then match these singles with housemates of a similar profile.

They will also help flatmates mediate any disagreements that may arise and even arrange for them to move to other flats if need be.

More information will be available later this year when the new pilot programme gets rolled out.

Eligibility criteria will be similar to existing JSS

Though not officially announced, Prof Faishal said the eligibility criteria for the new scheme are largely similar to that of the existing JSS.

Here are some of the conditions one must fulfil in order to qualify for the JSS:

  • Unmarried or divorced Singapore citizens aged 35 and above
  • Widowed or orphaned Singaporeans aged 21 and above

For orphans, 1 or both deceased parents must have been a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Do visit HDB’s website here for the full list of criteria and conditions.

Hope pilot scheme will help singles find rental flats

Though information remains scarce at this point, we hope the new pilot programme will be beneficial for singles seeking public rental flats.

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