Woman Thinks ‘HDB People’ Shouldn’t Work In Private Residential Areas As They’re ‘Very Different’

Woman Says HDB & Private Estate Residents Differ Because Of Outlook On Community Building

A LinkedIn user has come under flak for claiming that there are innate differences between “HDB people” and those who stay in private residential estates.

Claiming that HDB dwellers are taking up more jobs in private residential estates, the OP said that she has had to limit her contact with them in order to preserve her “unique identity”.

Source: LinkedIn

Her post has since made its way to Reddit, where users who took offence with it left negative comments. Many pointed out that her comments are out of touch and could potentially constitute as hate speech.

Woman complains about ‘HDB people’ working in private residential areas

On Monday (22 May), a woman took to LinkedIn to share her observation of “HDB people” taking up jobs in private residential areas.

She noted how they would spend “six to eight hours a day” in such places, which to her is “a lot”.

Referring to “HDB people” as the other or “they/them”, the woman appeared to identify with private estate residents.

Seeing how the former group is spending more time in the latter’s residential spaces, she expressed the need to “limit contact with them”.

Her reason for this was that private estate residents may lose their “unique identity”, which she thinks has already happened to HDB residents.

Says residents of both types of housing are very different

The woman then compared residents of HDB estates and private estates, perhaps to clarify her claims.

According to her, the first major difference is that both groups have different “outlook[s] on community building”.

She claimed that private home residents show their humanity more clearly, unlike others:

Private residence, we build according to values and mindset, we ignore race, language and religion and prioritise mental acuity and emotional stability. We don’t wait to live life, we live now. We show our values and our humanity in how we work, play and hire.

In contrast, HDB residents apparently only follow whatever the Government instructs them to do, showing little humanity:

In HDB, it is simply about networks and rules that the govt can give them, and they sit and wait for those, and until then they group according to age, race and marital status. It tells us nothing of their values nor their humanity. They are about money, not values.

She concluded by saying that, “Happiness is not about humanity. Humanity is about humanity.”

Post leaves netizens confused & upset

The rather divisive post unsurprisingly caused quite a stir online, with netizens criticising her generalisation of HDB and private estate residents.

Source: Reddit

One Redditor allegedly even went to the extent of reporting her post after interpreting it as hate speech.

Source: Reddit

Many, however, felt that her post was rather confusing, as they couldn’t make head nor tail of what she was trying to say.

Source: Reddit

While we can’t be sure of the intention behind her post, we can see the unpleasant outcome it has caused. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder for everyone to be more considerate and aware of the possible repercussions before posting anything online.

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