‘Healing The Divide’ Founder Says They’re Intelligent Vaxxers, Mulls Legal Action Over Defamatory Comments

Healing The Divide Responds To MOH’s Press Release About YouTube Channel Takedown

In the process of vaccinating the population against Covid-19, there are some who are awaiting different vaccines other than the mRNA ones.

However, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has claimed that a group of these people has been spreading misinformation.

A YouTube channel owned by Iris Koh, Healing The Divide, was removed for posting misleading information about Covid-19 and vaccines.

S’pore YouTube Channel Removed For Posting Misleading Info About Covid-19 & Vaccines

Ms Koh has since responded, saying the community is composed of “intelligent vaxxers” and not anti-vaxxers as the authority claimed.

Healing The Divide responds to MOH post & channel takedown

On Sunday (7 Nov), Ms Koh responded to the MOH post dated the same day.

She maintained that Healing The Divide is not a community of anti-vaxxers and said that many vaccinated people are part of the group.

Some are even super-vaxxers, she said. They’d allegedly had injuries or had a loved one pass away following the vaccine.

Ms Koh noted that others are in the group due to worries over being fired or having children who may not be able to graduate if they don’t take the vaccine.

Not here to oppose government

Ms Koh further noted that the group is not anti-government or anti-vaxx, but are intelligent vaxxers.

Job losses as a result of not getting vaccinated is a fear that some may have, following announcements that public officers may be put on unpaid leave.

Public Officers Who Refuse Vaccine May Be Placed On Unpaid Leave Or Redeployed

However, this is only a last resort as these public officers may be redeployed to work that can be done from home first.

It is a result of the policy that only vaccinated and recovered Covid-19 patients can return physically to the workplace from 1 Jan 2022.

Ms Koh claims that “many” in the community have already suffered actual job losses from not getting the vaccine.

She further claims that this goes against the Nuremberg Code, which stipulates voluntary consent as “absolutely essential”.

May take legal action against defamatory comments

Ms Koh then listed a batch of questions to ask MOH, which you can view here.

She then said that if the questions are answered, she can then convince her community to take the vaccine.

Further, Healing The Divide apparently reserves the right to take legal action for “potential defamatory remarks” made in the MOH press release.

Vaccination is proven safe for majority

While the quickness of the vaccines’ release has raised alarm bells for some, numerous studies have shown that the vaccines are safe for the majority.

There are also alternative vaccines, such as Sinovac, which are now available as part of the national vaccination programme.

Vaccination still requires consent. However, many unvaccinated individuals, especially seniors, suffer from more serious effects if infected with Covid-19.

As such, we still encourage everyone to get vaccinated if they can. Not doing so can endanger not only yourself but others around you.

We hope that Ms Koh and her community can make the decisions as intelligent vaxxers that’ll keep everyone safe.

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Featured image adapted from Iris Koh on Twitter and Healing The Divide.

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