Man Flies Helper Back To S’pore As Wedding Surprise For Sister, Happy Tears Ensue

Man Flies Helper Back To Surprise Sister At Wedding, She Spent 27 Years Working For Family

Domestic helpers often forge strong bonds with the families they work for, especially if they’ve spent years, if not decades together.

In the case of newlywed Kelly Chua, her bond with her helper of 27 years remained unbreakable even after the latter returned to her homeland three years ago.

To surprise Ms Chua during her recent wedding, her brother flew their family’s helper in for a long-awaited reunion — the pair couldn’t help but shed happy tears as they embraced each other on the big day.


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Calling it “the biggest wedding surprise ever”, Kelly expressed how grateful she was to see the helper at her wedding.

Man surprises sister with their helper at her wedding

The touching moment was shared on Ms Chua’s TikTok account on Thursday (28 Apr).

The clip starts off with Ms Chua’s brother telling her that he’d prepared a huge surprise. As she turned around to face her seated guests, she saw her domestic helper of 27 years, Lita.

helper wedding surprise

Source: TikTok

Ms Chua immediately started bursting into tears, while Lita waved at her with teary eyes.

Source: TikTok

The pair shared an emotional embrace while surrounded by family members, who also started tearing up.

helper wedding surprise

Source: TikTok 

Brother had planned surprise from the start

If the heartwarming reunion wasn’t emotional enough, Ms Chua said that her brother actually “had it all planned from the start”.

Ms Chua wrote in her caption that she initially thought Lita couldn’t make it to her wedding as she didn’t manage to renew her passport.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Ms Chua shared that everyone in the family knew about the surprise except her.

Lita had apparently stayed with Ms Chua’s aunt and grandma before the wedding day and they even gave her money to buy clothes for the big occasion.

Ms Chua added that it “meant (means) so much to her (me)” that Lita was able to attend her wedding, as she was like her second mother to her.

Netizens touched by the brother’s surprise

Seeing the beautiful reunion, netizens couldn’t help but feel emotional and happy for Ms Chua.

Many congratulated Ms Chua on the wedding while mentioning how they teared up watching their reunion.

Source: TikTok

Some wrote that Ms Chua’s brother “won the best brother of the year”.

Source: TikTok

Others expressed how Lita must have felt happy attending the wedding, which marks the start of a new stage of life for Ms Chua.

Source: TikTok

Lita’s granddaughter also left well wishes for the newlywed. Ms Chua, in response, thanked her for the blessings, saying she was delighted that Lita was able to attend the wedding.

Source: TikTok

A simple but blissful surprise

The heartwarming moment has certainly moved all of us to tears.

We’re glad that Ms Chua’s family’s well-planned surprise was executed perfectly, and that both Ms Chua and Lita were able to share such a precious moment together during the joyous occasion.

MS News wishes Ms Chua and her husband a blissful marriage ahead.

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