Hong Kong Protesters Burn Photos Of Lees, Hold Small Whiteboards Angrily — Because Amos Yee

“I will not travel to Singapore anymore. Keep it up, Amos Yee!”

On Saturday (4 July), Hong Kongers turned out in droves to protest against Singapore’s mistreatment of teen blogger Amos Yee. By droves, we mean about 50 or so irate protesters.

They’re doing this to display their anger towards the treatment Amos has received and show that Amos is not alone.

The protesters burned paper images of former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his son, current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Ever wanted to see a photo of Lee Kuan Yew half-heartedly catching fire?

That fire is so disinterested in burning paper, it’s not even doing the one thing fire is supposed to do best:

“Lee Kuan Yew go to hell!”

“Shame on Lee Hsien Loong!”

“Shame shame Singaporean government!”

“Free free Amos Yee!”


The fury doesn’t end here.

Over 50 protesters put their anger on tiny whiteboards

Hong Kong protesters aren’t stopping at the burning of Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee’s photos. They’re also exhibiting their support for Amos Yee with one line declarations written on whiteboards.

And one Facebook page — Free Amos Yee – HK — has made sure that the entire world knows this.

They have since immortalised the photos on Facebook.

We have compiled some of the most striking responses to enlighten you about the anger the protesters are feeling:

“Lee family & Singapore are f***ing disgrace!”


“I will not travel to Singapore ever again. Keep it up Amos Yee!”


“Singapore shame on you! You are only a developing country.”


“You are damn right. They are horrible! But you are not alone! We support you.”


“You, the hero of a dictatorship country, are never alone.”


View the full album here.

The influence Amos’ voice has on the world is really starting to amaze us. Whether this is a good or bad thing cannot yet be determined.

But these protesters form a vocal minority of only about 50 people, less than the average attendance of an S-League game. There weren’t really that many interested Hong Kongers.

So if you’re feeling a little fiery from watching all that fire, chillax. Hong Kong probably doesn’t really hate us.

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With reference to The Straits Times
Featured image via Facebook

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