Woman In Hong Kong Found Dead With Numerous Slash Wounds & Missing Teeth, Investigations Ongoing

Body Of Woman Found With Multiple Slash Wounds & Blood-Stained Chainsaw In Hong Kong

A woman in Hong Kong was found dead last Saturday (20 May) with multiple severe slash wounds, missing teeth, and a disfigured face.

Hong Kong slash dead

Source: HK01

54-year-old Madam Liu’s (transliterated from Mandarin) face was also heavily disfigured and she had missing teeth.

Not far from the scene in Yuen Long, detectives found a blood-stained chainsaw, a 30cm-long meat cleaver, and a pair of gloves in a nearby bush.

The Serious Crime Unit of the Yuen Long Police District is now actively investigating the case.

Hong Kong woman found lying in pool of blood

More grisly details of Madam Liu’s death were uncovered after police unsealed the crime scene for investigations, according to HK01.

Photos show a significant pool of blood and two green tents that were previously used to cover the victim’s body.

Hong Kong slash dead

Source: HK01

Prior to that, mortuary workers had transported Madam Liu’s body to the morgue for further examination.

Preliminary investigations into the case, which has now been dubbed the ‘Yuen Long chainsaw murder’, indicate that the victim suffered numerous injuries.

They include deep wounds to the neck, abdominal swelling, and severe facial disfigurement.

Several teeth believed to belong to Madam Liu and various personal belongings like a black baseball cap and a mobile phone were found near her.

Detectives also discovered a blood-stained chainsaw, a 30cm-long meat cleaver, and a pair of gloves in a nearby bush.

Hong Kong slash dead

Source: HK01

As they were approximately 20m from the crime scene, they may have a possible connection to the case.

Hong Kong woman was killed after going for walk later than husband

Speaking to HK01, Madam Liu’s husband, Mr Liang (transliterated from Mandarin), shared that the couple usually goes for an evening walk along the river for an hour after dinner.

Hong Kong slash dead

Source: HK01

However, on that day, Madam Liu had delayed her walk as she was watching a television drama.

As such, Mr Liang left the house ahead of her. The plan was that she would later catch up with him.

Tragically, his wife met her untimely demise while passing through their usual route alone.

“Nothing would have happened if we had gone together,” he said. “I went first, and she followed. That’s when it happened.”

He also emphasised that speculating on the cause of his wife’s murder would be premature.

Police have already been to his house and taken his statement as part of their investigations.

In spite of that, he has yet to see his wife’s remains since her murder at the time of reporting.

Woman was a landlord whom tenants described as ‘friendly’ & ‘easygoing’

Expressing deep sorrow over his wife’s sudden passing, Mr Liang said that their once-happy family has now been shattered.

“Of course, it’s very painful. Our family was very harmonious. Our kids have all grown up and found jobs, and we didn’t have any worries about meals,” he said.

Madam Liu and her husband were landlords who rented out warehouses and subdivided units.

They resided in Man Yuen Village, approximately 300m away from the crime scene.

One of their tenants offered some insight into Madam Liu based on their past interactions.

Source: HK01

While he would only communicate with the couple during rent collection, he remembered her as an easygoing and friendly person who was also intelligent.

She was also understanding when it came to rent collection, telling tenants that it was fine if they paid up a couple of days late.

The tenant also recalled Mr Liang as being friendly and observed that the couple had a harmonious relationship and were often together.

Although their children did not live with them, they frequently went home for meals.

CCTV cameras near crime scene may provide crucial evidence

Notably, police have found closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras from a workshop near the crime scene.

It is likely that footage from the cameras could provide crucial evidence and help identify the perpetrator.

At one point during the investigation, a mobile phone next to the deceased rang suddenly.

An officer reportedly picked up the phone and told the caller, “Something happened to your sister. Please don’t call her anymore. If there’s anything important, let us know.”

MS News sends our deepest condolences to Madam Liu’s husband, their children, and their loved ones.

We hope that the person responsible can be brought to justice.

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Featured image adapted from HK01.

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