HOSEN Warehouse Sale Till 1 Feb Has Cheap Canned Food For CNY Reunion Dinners

HOSEN Warehouse Sale Is Located At Pandan Loop

Can you imagine having your Chinese New Year steamboat dinner without canned food — in particular shellfishes like abalone? Yup, a disaster.

Contrary to popular belief, canned products don’t come cheap. A single can of abalone will easily set you back upwards of $30.

Not to worry, this year will be different. That’s because HOSEN Singapore – a major food distributor specialising in canned food – is having a massive warehouse sale from now till 1 Feb at Pandan Loop.


Here’s what you can expect.

Canned food heaven 

Before stepping foot into the warehouse, you’ll be greeted by these massive decorative cans outside the warehouse — a preview of sorts.


Truth be told, there’s no way of preparing yourself for this epic view once you step inside. I mean, have you ever seen so much canned food in your life?


Nothing in the world beats shellfish lightly dipped in savory steamboat broth.


At HOSEN Warehouse Sale, you’ll find shellfish of all sorts including the likes of abalone, king topshell, sea asparagus, and even dried scallops.


As much as we’d like, we can’t spend our entire meal feasting on expensive delicacies of the sea due to practical reasons.

Not to worry, you’re spoilt for choice here at canned food heaven.

Canned mushrooms go for just $0.70, almost 20% cheaper than what conventional supermarkets offer.


If your mum gets upset over you missing your greens, we recommend getting these canned peas.


Get nausea over the mere sight of peas? Consider going for sweet corn and olives instead.


They’ve got desserts covered too

You’d need something sweet to round off a hearty meal and HOSEN’s canned fruits has got that covered.


Iced canned fruits would make the perfect dessert to chase away the heat.


If ice cream’s more of your thing, don’t forget to grab these Hershey’s sauces — the best complement to your scoops of frozen goodness.


See those bottles of maple syrup? We heard they go pretty well with pancakes.

Getting there

Let’s be honest, Pandan Loop is slightly ulu, so we’ve found the best way for you to get there by public transport.

Take bus service 285 from Clementi interchange, ride seven stops and alight at Vejoil Pte Ltd before walking a short distance to the warehouse.

Make sure you have Google Maps opened on your phone. If all else fails, book a Grab.

Location: Hock Seng Food Pte Ltd
Address: 267 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128439
Opening hours:
9am-6pm (weekdays), 8am-6pm (weekends)
Nearest MRT station: Clementi

Featured image from Facebook.

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