Auntie At House Of Seafood Dances For Customers Who Order Dancing Fire Chicken

House Of Seafood Auntie Dances Whenever Customers Order Dancing Fire Chicken

Not many food places may offer surprise performances by staff, something which hotpot restaurant Haidilao is most known for.

Customers at House of Seafood in Punggol would thus be surprised to see an auntie working there showing off her dance moves after serving a particular dish — the ‘Dancing Fire Chicken’.

House of Seafood dancing

Source: @charlieangel28657 on TikTok

The performance left not only the customers but also viewers greatly amused.

Auntie starts dancing after lighting chicken on fire at House of Seafood

A customer captured the House of Seafood auntie’s quirky dance moves in a TikTok video on Saturday (27 Jan).

At the time, user @charlieangel28657 was dining at the seafood eatery in Punggol with a group of friends.


Dancing Chicken?! 🤣🤣🤣 #House of Seafood #Crab #Chicken

♬ original sound – Angie28657 – Angie28657

Upon ordering the Dancing Fire Chicken, a woman came out with a whole chicken on a skewer and proceeded to light it on fire.

Everything appeared to be business as usual as she explained how she was preparing the chicken, step by step.

House of Seafood dancing

Source: @charlieangel28657 on TikTok

Things took a turn when the auntie suddenly extended her arms and started dancing.

Source: @charlieangel28657 on TikTok

This initially led to confusion among the customer and her friends, who collectively let out a ‘huh’ behind the camera.

An unseen voice could also be heard saying: “Oh she’s the one dancing, I thought it would be the chicken dancing.”

The dancing went on for about a minute and was met with enthusiastic applause by the customer and her friends.

Dancing Fire Chicken performance dates back to 2018

While the dancing went viral recently, this is far from the auntie’s first brush with fame.

Videos of her performing while serving the Dancing Fire Chicken have been circulating online since 2018, which was when things kicked off.

According to The Straits Times (ST), the dance came about organically when the eatery’s owner, Mr Francis Ng, decided to play music whenever the dish was served.

Although he did not require his staff to dance along to it, the auntie in question — Madam Loh Feng Ling — did so of her own free will.

At the time, the now 58-year-old described herself as “just an auntie who loves to dance and gao xiao or make people laugh.”

She also revealed that she learned how to dance from working in a karaoke joint when she was younger.

So embedded in her spirit was dancing, that she would naturally move to the beat no matter what kind of music was playing.

After her dancing went viral that year, the owner rewarded her with an angbao or red packet.

He quipped that the reward inspired other waitstaff to dance as well.

MS News has reached out to the OP and House of Seafood for comments.

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Featured image adapted from @charlieangel28657 on TikTok.

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