500kg Of Hybrid Groupers Allegedly Released At Marina South Ferry Terminal

Balance is key in any ecosystem. But this equilibrium can be extremely fragile and vulnerable to external factors.

So when 500kg of hybrid groupers were allegedly released into Singapore waters, folks from Facebook group Marine Stewards were understandably concerned.

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That’s because the groupers were apparently an invasive species that could potentially disrupt our marine ecosystem.

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Environmentalists from the group also urged members of the public to learn how to identify these groupers and advise them not to release them into our waters.

Hybrid groupers could disrupt local ecosystem

Environmental conservation group Marine Stewards shared that about 500kg of hybrid groupers were allegedly released into waters off Marina South Ferry Terminal last Friday (15 Jan).

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According to their Facebook post, these hybrid groupers are an invasive species that could potentially upset the ecological balance in our waters.

In particular, the groupers may compete for food and territory with other domestic species.

Local fishes could even be eaten by these hybrid groupers, according to folks from Marine Stewards.

Learn to identify these fishes and do not release them

Marine Stewards also sought the public’s understanding to not release fishes that could harm our ecosystem.

One way of doing so is by learning how to identify these fishes.


One netizen acknowledged that identifying these hybrid groupers could be a challenge to the layperson.


Nonetheless, he agreed that releasing an invasive species into our waters could heavily impact our eco-balance.

Seek experts before releasing fishes

The environmental conservation group also encouraged people who need to release fishes – such as for religious purposes – to approach them directly.

This way, they could link them up with researchers who would be able to advise them on the appropriate types of fishes and where to release them.

In doing this, it could even help restock our local fish population.

They concluded that acting responsibly in this manner can be a win-win situation for all, including for our marine wildlife.

MS News has reached out to NParks for a statement on this incident.

NParks advise public not to release animals into wild

The effects of introducing foreign fishes into our waters might not be something that frequently occupies our minds.

Nonetheless, the potentially devastating effects it could cause to our ecosystem should not be taken lightly.

In fact, NParks has also constantly reminded the public not to release animals into the wild as it might disrupt natural habitats and the species that live there.

This is especially so for marine animals as aquatic ecosystems are very complex and sensitive. In serious cases, it might even affect the quality of our waters.

Next time you see someone releasing animals into the wild, advise them not to. Let’s all work together to preserve the natural flora and fauna that continue to call Singapore home.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.