ICA Warns Of Heavy Traffic To Malaysia At Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoints Till 30 Jun

Expect Heavy Traffic At Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoints During Hari Raya & Weekends In June

June is approaching. The long-awaited month long of fun, and a month long of traffic jams.

The forecasted heavy traffic comes as no surprise, so do plan your journey wisely if you’re travelling across the Causeway during the upcoming month-long holiday.

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) published a Facebook notice on Monday (27 May), urging Singaporeans to account for major delays in their cross-border journeys.


Do your part, don’t hold the queue up

Imminent traffic jams are enough to make you feel shag, so it’s important not to contribute to the queues by being an irresponsible traveller.


According to ICA, here’s the drill:

  • Passport should have remaining validity of 6 months or more
  • Don’t bring prohibited items (i.e. firecrackers, “Pop-Pop”, or chewing gum)
  • Declare these dutiable or controlled items
    • Eggs
    • Meat products
    • Potted plants


We don’t mean to burst your bubble (gum), but yeah, please help make everyone’s lives easier by playing your part.

If you are not sure what items are prohibited or controlled, do check ICA’s website.

Rules are made to be followed

Many of these age-old rules are known to frequent travellers, but if you’re braving the journey for the first time, here are some more things to note:

  • Reduce traffic congestion by car-pooling or public transport
  • Use the correct lane at all times
  • No queue-cutting

When you’re at the checkpoints:

  • Don’t take photos or videos
  • Use automated clearance lanes if you are eligible

We’re referring to you Singaporeans, PRs, and those with valid work passes.

Pays to be a smart traveller

Hold up, there’s still more ground work that needs to be done.

ICA advises motorists to check current traffic situation at Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints using the One Motoring website, before embarking on their trips.


Similarly, you can check for updates using the Expressway Monitoring & Advisory System (EMAS), or ICA’s Facebook page. Thank you ICA, for the timely updates.


Stay safe, be vigilant and mindful — we hope you’ll have a pleasant holiday ahead.

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Featured image from Malay Mail.

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