ICA Warned S’poreans 59 Times Of Heavy Traffic To Johor Bahru In Dec Alone

59 PSAs About Heavy Traffic To Johor Bahru In Dec

So we’ve been warned about heavy traffic at both Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints as the festive season approaches.

Expect Heavy Traffic At Malaysia Checkpoints From 16 Nov: ICA

But the frequency of delays has been so significant, that a brief scroll through the Facebook page of Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) revealed a startling fact.

ICA has warned Singaporeans to expect traffic delays more than 50 times in their posts since Dec began.

Most of them daily, and on some occasions — multiple times a day.

Yes, we count FB posts for a living

Don’t even get us started on November’s posts.

59 heavy traffic updates by 17 Dec

A grand total of 59 posts on the feed, kept the public updated on heavy traffic conditions at Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.

Reasons like “4 broken down lorries”, to an exercise at Woodlands checkpoint, to “backflow traffic”, “arrival traffic”, and most recently — a broken down van were given to explain the heavy traffic.

We also noticed that ICA always ends their PSAs the same way,

Travellers are advised to check One Motoring before embarking on their journey.

Truer words have never been spoken. We also suspect there may be some sort of template for this.


Also, do note that the traffic conditions aren’t expected to improve till Jan 2019. So you’re advised to postpone your JB getaway till next year, if you can.

1 bored FB page manager

Though the job of reposting traffic updates may be dull, we’re glad that ICA is keeping the public well-informed with their timely posts.

Our only wish this year is that other public transport operators’ Facebook managers will be as hardworking as this one.

Consider yourself warned. And remember only this,

Travellers are advised to check One Motoring before embarking on their journey.

Safe travels everyone!

Featured image from Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore on Facebook and EdgeProp.

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