Indian Police Arrest Man For Passing Off As A Fake Pilot

Queuing up to board a plane or sitting in a squeezy economy class seat can be very annoying.

A crafty man in India thought he had found a hack to get past it all for free, but later learnt that his scheme would cost him dearly.

According to Business Insider, Indian police had arrested a man who tried to pass himself off as a Lufthansa pilot to get privileges at Delhi airport on 18 Nov.


If not for his fake ID, his full uniform would’ve convinced anybody that he was a pilot.

Got away as a fake pilot more than 15 times

The impersonator told the police that he had purchased his fake ID from Bangkok and used it several times in the past 6 months.

He confessed that he had lied about being a pilot more than 15 times before his arrest to enjoy perks like free upgrades and skipping queues.


His streak ended when AirAsia India called Lufthansa Airlines to check on his identity.

When they realised he was faking his position, Lufthansa officials rushed to the boarding gate and informed the police.

They are currently investigating the man’s travel history.

Filmed TikTok videos in pilot uniform

As if the story wasn’t wild enough, police also discovered that the man films TikTok videos of himself in the fake pilot uniforms.

He allegedly even posed as an army colonel in one of the videos police had found in his phone.


The man simply explained that the uniform added a certain charm, which helped him to impress women on TikTok.

Do not break the law

If you’re thinking of trying out the man’s tactics for the thrill, think again.

Section 415 of the Penal code considers what he did as “cheating”, and he could receive up to 5 years in jail according to Singapore’s law.

Section 464 meanwhile states that using a fake ID is equivalent to making a false electronic record, which could land him in jail for up to 4 years.


So as amusing as the stunt seems, we’d advise you against trying it out, to save yourself a long stay in Changi Prison.

Featured image adapted from Twitter & Facebook.