Man Paddles Inflatable Boat With Oars In Condo Pool While Others Swim

With Covid-19 travel restrictions in place for most of 2020, most of us would go to great lengths to enjoy a holiday, even if it’s a flight or cruise to nowhere.

S’pore Starts Cruises To Nowhere From Nov, Royal Caribbean Offers 50% Discount To All Guests

Though these destination-less options are now available, there are limited slots and the tickets don’t come cheap.

One person appears to have found an alternative solution that satisfies the need to travel yet is relatively gentle on the wallet.

On Monday (4 Jan), STOMP shared a picture of a man paddling an inflatable boat on the swimming pool facility of a Singapore condominium.


A heated discussion soon ensued in the comment section on whether the man should even be allowed to engage in the unusual act.

Man paddles inflatable boat in condo pool

In one picture, the man could be seen setting up his inflatable boat by the poolside — seemingly having some difficulties with the overhead cover.


The issues were eventually resolved as the man was seen in another image paddling on the fully inflated boat.


The ‘sailor’ was pretty well-equipped, with a pair of oars and a face mask to prevent the transmission of droplets.

An overhead shot of the pool showed other swimmers sharing the same pool.


The incident reportedly occurred last Thursday (31 Dec), so perhaps the man was trying to enjoy a unique cruise-to-nowhere experience over the New Year long weekend.

Netizens debate if it’s safe

Within hours of posting, the comments section of the STOMP post soon turned into a debating arena for whether the activity should be permitted.

This netizen opined that the man was entitled to do what he did, assuming he’s a resident who pays his conservancy charges.


Another Facebook user pointed out the potential injuries swimmers could suffer if they were struck by one of the oars.


Others couldn’t help but joke about how he was merely preparing himself for floods in Singapore.


Do you think it’s dangerous?

Jokes aside, we hope the condominium management takes into consideration the safety of residents when deciding on the rules for such activities.

What are your thoughts on this bizarre incident — should it be allowed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from STOMP on Facebook.