Marina Bay Otter Pup Injured In Fight, Emergency Surgery Needed To Save Her

17-Week-Old Marina Bay Otter Pup Injured After Family Gets Into Fight

Over the years, the otters that live in our garden city have captured our hearts, becoming the unofficial mascot of our nation.

These adorable creatures are beloved by many. So when an injured otter pup was spotted at Marina Bay on Saturday (13 Nov), animal welfare groups were soon notified.

On Tuesday (16 Nov), Ottercity shared a Facebook update on the little one who was believed to have gotten injured in a fight.


The organisation said the pup appears to have been getting weaker, and an intervention operation has been approved.

They are now working with the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) to bring her in.

Otter pup injured in fight on 11 Nov

Earlier on Saturday (13 Nov), news of an injured otter pup at Marina Bay got around.


The young otter appeared unable to move below her waist, dragging her hind legs along the ground as she walked.


On Tuesday (16 Nov), Ottercity said the 17-week-old pup is part of a family with a sibling and her parents.

The little one was likely injured when her family of 4 got into a fight with 3 adult otters last Thursday (11 Nov).

Her mum had also sustained injuries in the fight but is apparently recovering well.

Pup initially made progressive improvements

Ottercity shared that they have been monitoring the injured pup closely daily.


They are also in constant communications with Otter Working Group (OWG), vets from ACRES, and Mandai Wildlife Reserves.

At first, the otter pup showed small progressive improvements in her movements and appetite.

The organisations thought that it was best she stayed with her loving family, who were still watching out and caring for her.


Welfare groups bringing pup in after change in vital signs

Unfortunately, on Tuesday morning (16 Nov), the otter pup showed changes in her vital signs.


Multiple reports from the ground also came in, noting that she appears to be getting weaker.

According to Ottercity’s Facebook post, vets monitoring her also felt that she would not get better.

The decision was then made for an intervention operation, which was approved by OWG yesterday afternoon.


The operation is now in progress, and Ottercity is working with ACRES to bring the little one in.

Hope pup will be nursed back to health

For almost a week, the 17-week-old pup had shown great strength and resilience with her family by her side.

It’s saddening to hear her condition has now taken a turn for the worse.

But hopefully, with the help of the animal welfare groups, the pup can be nursed back to health and reunited with her family in due time.

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Featured image adapted from Ottercity on Facebook.

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