GE2020 Electoral Map Tells You Where Each Party Is Contesting

Technology is wonderful when used right. With how hard it can be to track which candidates are contesting for GE2020, visual details can make it easier for people looking up their constituency.

This interactive map on Mapbox, made by Gerald Png, will give you, at a glance, where every party and their candidates are contesting.


Customise the interactive GE2020 map

There are a few options for users to filter out what they wish to see.

For example, you can enable all parties or select just one — there’s also an Independent option.


Let’s say we want to see where the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) are contesting. A mere 2 clicks later and we can get this view:


A hover over one of the highlighted areas will show the user the incumbents, who are contesting, and who their opponents will be.

Here’s West Coast, for example.


All contests will be confirmed on Nomination Day (30 Jun), and the map should be updated by then.

The map gives us a clear idea of how the competing parties stack up against each other in the same constituency.

Map shows where each party is contesting

There are other places where you can check what your constituency is. This map is more for 2 things:

  • Quick info on head-to-head contests
  • Seeing which party is contesting where

There are so many opposition parties in Singapore — at least 10 are contesting, and that’s even before counting independent candidates.


Most announcements made so far have been fragmented and lost in a torrent of news reports snacking on drip-fed information, so this map is a one-stop portal for information on where each party is going.

Interactive map for your GE popcorn needs

With this interactive map, your need to look at Singapore in multi-coloured and arbitrarily-drawn lines can be satiated.

Place your (legal) bets, ladies and gentlemen — who will come up tops in this General Election for the ages? Let us know in the comments.

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