Overnight Queue For iPhone 14 Forms At Courts Orchard, Overseas Buyers Even Flew To S’pore

Overnight Queue For iPhone 14 Forms Outside Courts Outlet At The Heeren, Orchard

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled its new phone model, the iPhone 14, which comes with improved camera and battery capabilities.

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While the upgrade from its predecessor might seem incremental, that didn’t appear to have an effect on diehard Apple fans.

Since Thursday (15 Sep) evening, customers have apparently been queuing at the Courts outlet in Orchard, hoping to be among the first people in Singapore to own an iPhone 14.

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Among those in line were foreigners who specially flew here to purchase the new model which won’t be available in their home countries till a later date.

iPhone 14 queue at Courts Orchard includes buyers from Vietnam

According to 8world News, the queue at Courts started forming at about 6pm on Thursday (15 Sep), a day before iPhone 14’s release date.

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Folks in line apparently comprised individuals who learned that they were unable to queue at the official Apple store just a stone’s throw away.

Unlike in previous years, Apple will not be allowing customers to queue outside its store for the release of its latest iPhone model. Only customers who pre-ordered phones can enter.

Based on 8world News’ estimates, there were about 200 people queueing overnight at the Courts outlet at The Heeren.

Source: TikTok

Among those in line were Vietnam nationals who planned on flying back after copping the phone.

While the iPhone 14 is available here from 16 Sep, the model will only be launching in Vietnam in mid-October.

Large crowd gathers outside Apple Orchard store on launch date

At about 7am the next day (16 Sep), some 500 people were seen gathering outside the official Apple store in Orchard.

Customers were separated into two lines — one for those who pre-ordered and others who had not done so.

The first person in line was someone from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who pre-ordered their phone last Friday.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time he had gone to such lengths to secure a new iPhone — he claims that he did so four years ago and similarly achieved the feat of being first in the queue.

Speaking to 8world News, he said that it’s a unique experience to purchase the phone in person, and is a worthwhile effort.

Hope those who spent the night did not leave empty-handed

Queuing, for a phone that isn’t a limited edition one, in particular, is surely not for everyone.

Nonetheless, we’re glad to see such queues returning, with foreigners even joining us from their home countries.

We hope those who spent the night queueing did not leave empty-handed and were successful in securing their desired iPhone 14 models.

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