Billionaire Jack Ma Returns Japan’s Kindness By Donating 1 Million Masks To Them

China and Japan aren’t known to be the best of friends, but now that times are tough, they’ve put aside their grievances to help one another out.

Japan has been donating medical supplies and masks to China since Jan, as they’ve struggled to cope with the overwhelming number of Covid-19 cases.

Now that Japan’s situation is worsening, it’s China’s turn to reciprocate their generosity.

At the forefront of China’s donations stands former Executive Chairman of Alibaba, Jack Ma.


His foundation and the Alibaba Foundation are collectively donating a staggering 1 million masks to Japan to return the kindness they showed China earlier this year.

Read on for more details about this heartwarming exchange between the countries.

Japan donated to China in Feb

In Feb, pictures of boxes of masks and supplies Japan was donating to China went viral on Chinese social media platform, Weibo.


The boxes had a Chinese idiom on them, too, which roughly translates to “Though foreign lands are separated by mountains and rivers, we share the wind and moon under the same sky”.

The Straits Times (ST) reported that China’s foreign ministry was “extremely touched” by the donation and the thoughtful idiom.

Jack Ma returns favour by donating 1 million masks

Hoping to return the huge favour, Jack Ma, founder and former Executive Chairman of Alibaba, arranged to reciprocate the donations.

The Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation announced on Monday (2 Mar) that they would be donating 1 million masks to Japan.

Mr Ma took to his Weibo account to cheer both countries on.

According to translations by ST, he wrote,

Like the mountain range that stretches before you and me, let’s share the same trials and hardships together. We hope everything will get better soon.

Delivery to Japan was via China Eastern Airlines, and stocks arrived on Tuesday (3 Mar).


Coming together to help each other despite prior tension

It’s wonderful to see China and Japan aiding each other in combatting Covid-19 despite their less-than-optimal history.

If countries can put their grudges aside to help each other out, we should too.

Discrimination isn’t helpful in any way during this period. Everyone is worthy of our help, and we should all do our part to contribute to fighting Covid-19 to the best of our abilities.

Featured image adapted from CEO Today and The Mainichi.