Cute Japanese Swallow Looks Like Don Don Donki’s Gigantic Peaches Came To Life

Cute Japanese Swallow Has A Peach Of Our Hearts

Gigantically spherical and succulent, Don Don Donki’s peaches are hard to miss. Especially when they’re placed right at the entrance for all to see.

Imagine if these peaches came to life, what would they look like?

That idea isn’t too far-fetched. In Japan, lives a swallow that looks just like – yep you’ve guessed it – a peach on tiny legs.

Introducing a little “shiny swallow” published under Twitter handle @lilicastiel. With the tweet hashtagged #pinky, we find the name pretty apt even if it wasn’t its real name.

Japanese swallow peachSource

Let’s take a peep into this little floof’s life.

Japanese swallow looks no different from a peach

Swallows are generally very small birds, measuring about 15-20cm in length.

Thanks to its miniature size and watercolour pinkish white plumage, Pinky blends in well with a bunch of peaches.


The owner knows it too, as they confessed that they enjoy taking pictures of Pinky like this when it’s peach season in Japan.

japanese swallow peachSource

We wonder if Pinky ever gets confused, constantly wondering why its peachy buddies aren’t responding to its calls. Maybe that’s why Pinky has a questioning look here.

japanese swallow peachSource

Here’s a picture of Pinky perched atop some peaches when the fruits were in season last year.


We can’t help but think of rainbow-feathered tit warbler that took the Internet by storm a few months ago.

Pinky looks like a strawberry too

So amused is the owner by Pinky’s cuteness, that they even brought in some strawberries for comparison. Oh look, now Pinky resembles a strawberry too.


Here, the owner lets us admire the golden orange and white hues of Pinky’s plumage, as it lays spread-eagle on the desk for a photo.


Life must be good as a kawaii Japanese swallow, as Pinky always has this look of contentment on its face.


It makes us wish life could be this peachy everyday when we work from home during Phase 2.

Ball of floof makes us love birds & peaches even more

Most of the time, cute doggos, cats, and bunnies tend to hog the limelight. But every now and then, cute birbs like Pinky could win hearts all around.

Pinky has birthed a newfound appreciation for peaches in us. Now every time we pass by Don Don Donki’s humongous peaches at the entrance, we’ll surely think of Pinky.

Love any cute birds in your life? Share them with us in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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