8 Reasons Why Jayley Woo Is A Prolific Actress Who’s Loved By Many S’poreans

Jayley Woo Had Humble Beginnings As A Blogger & Is Now A Popular Actress

If twins have always caught your eye, you’re sure to know about Singapore’s very own Mediacorp twins, one of them being Jayley Woo (胡佳琪).


Here are some things to know about the Singaporean actress who had us fanboying – and fangirling – about her shows since 2012.

1. Has a twin sister, Hayley Woo

Jayley has a older sister, Hayley Woo (胡佳嬑), and by virtue of their names, they are twin sisters.

However, while they share almost the same appearance, the two have vastly different personalities.

Jayley is known for her edgier, devil-may-care attitude while Hayley is more feminine and demure.


2. Started out as a blogger

Jayley started out as a blogger alongside her older twin sister Hayley back in 2005.

They also did song covers on YouTube under the stage name Jay On The Hay, modelled after YouTube sensation Rin on the Rox.

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3. First drama earned her a nomination

Jayley’s acting debut in Jump!, a 2012 drama, garnered her a Best Newcomer nomination at the 2013 Star Awards.

She acted as Liu Haiyan, a secondary school student and member of the Gymnastics Club and Jump Rope Team.


4. Her breakout role was in The Queen (复仇女王)

Jayley landed her first leading role in 2016 drama The Queen, starring alongside Jesseca Liu, Priscelia Chan, Vivian Lai and Apple Hong.

She took on the role of Wu Kai En, one of the 5 main protagonists.


5. Left Mediacorp in 2018

In July 2018, Jayley left Mediacorp as a full-time artiste, revealing in a Facebook post that she’ll still be taking on suitable acting roles in Mediacorp on a project basis.


She is also reportedly pursuing potential opportunities overseas, including possible projects in China.

6. Turned down 5 to 6 projects for Jalan Jalan (帶你去走走)

Those who have been following Mediacorp’s ongoing longform drama, Jalan Jalan, would have known Jayley as Wei Na, the daughter of the boss at a small travel agency played by Chew Chor Meng.

But few may know that Jayley had given up 5 to 6 opportunities from production companies ranging from telemovies, full-length films and web dramas, as they clashed with her filming for Jalan Jalan.


7. Extremely filial to her parents

On why she chose to prioritise Jalan Jalan, a local production, Jayley touted her parents as a reason.

In an interview with Toggle, she said wisely,

Being here for them is important to me. After all, they’re the ones who gave us so much while we were growing up, and I think I should be repaying them in every way I can.

8. Dated fellow actor Aloysius Pang

Jayley had dated fellow actor Aloysius Pang till his death on 23 Jan 2019.


The news was made public in her Instagram post in which she mourned his passing when he was on reservist duty in New Zealand.

In the touching post, she declared that while they weren’t fated to be husband and wife, she’ll always love him.


As she deals with this tragic piece of news, our hearts are with her during this difficult time period. We hope she finds solace in all the touching tributes that show how well-loved Aloysius was in his life.

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