Buy JB Delivers Singaporeans Malaysian Groceries At Affordable Prices

Before Covid-19 turned the world upside down, many would travel regularly to Johor Bahru (JB) to shop for necessities or just enjoy a meal.

The affordable prices were a big draw. However, border closures have made crossing the Causeway near-impossible, unless for essential tasks.

Now, a local e-commerce platform wants to bring a bit of the border-crossing life back to Singaporeans, albeit we can’t actually go back yet.

Buy JB is selling groceries delivered from JB to Singapore, reputedly at JB prices.


They accept PayNow and will deliver to your door step in 3-4 working days after confirmation.

Order JB groceries to Singapore

On their Facebook page, BuyJB shows some of the affordable prices that Singaporeans can expect when shopping there.

For example, 100 Earl Grey teabags for your morning or afternoon relaxation or homemade bubble tea drink go for $6.70.


If you’re more of the instant coffee type, perhaps this Nescafe deal at $4.90/pack should capture your attention.


If you’re the snacking type, there’s muruku ikan pedas manis (sweet & spicy muruku) that you’re more likely to find in Malaysia than Singapore at $3.32.


All these and over 1,700 other products are available for order at their website.

Buy household appliances for maintaining sanity

Pesky stains and oily surfaces are a no-no when it comes to our plates, bowls, and cutlery.

A quality dishwashing liquid is hence an indispensable product in our kitchens, especially if you frequent cook and have meals at home.


This particular dishwashing liquid appears not only highly affordable but also at 900ml can be used for a good while.

Meanwhile, personal care is also important no matter if you leave your house often or not.

After all, maintaining some semblance of normalcy even during a pandemic is key to sanity. With that in mind, seemingly mundane products like shampoo can also prove important.


While diapers are absolutely a necessity for raising a baby, it always helps if we can save a little as costs can get rather prohibitive.

From now until 7 Mar, Buy JB has an offer where if you buy any 3 Manypoko products, you get 15% off.


Even poopy time can be pleasant with deals like this.

PayNow accepted

Buy JB states on their website that the service is only open to Singapore, and they accept only Singapore dollars for payments.

They promise around 1-2 days to process orders for delivery, followed by within 4 working days for the order to land at your door step.

According to a comment on Facebook, shipping will cost $20, all inclusive. That’s something to keep in mind.


You can start making your orders on their website here.

Get groceries from JB delivered to your home

It’s been more than a year since borders shut for casual trips.

While more vaccinations may make the ‘new normal’ and border crossings a reality in the future, we have other means of getting our JB products for now through Buy JB.

Plus, some probably don’t miss waiting at Customs for hours during peak periods while awaiting return to Singapore.

Services like Buy JB may be able to tide us through until borders reopen — and for the busy, maybe even after.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.