Johor Chief Minister Takes Matters Into Own Hands By Visiting Checkpoint, Directs Staff To Solve Congestion Issues

Johor Chief Minister Visits Land Checkpoint At CIQ Complex On 2 & 3 May

Since border restrictions were lifted, heavy congestion on the Causeway and Tuas Second Link is now the bane of frequent travellers again.

When the Johor chief minister decided to head down and see the situation for himself, he noticed motorcyclists honking incessantly while stuck in a jam.

Saying it was his first time seeing a bottleneck situation there, he directed staff to look into it immediately.


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Thankfully, traffic has become a lot smoother since. He also said more measures are in the works to help ease similar jams in the future.

Johor chief minister inspects congestion at CIQ checkpoint

On Tuesday (2 May), Johor’s chief minister Onn Hafiz Ghazi shared an update on the congestion issue at the land checkpoints.

Source: Onn Hafiz Ghazi on Facebook

Together with the Home Ministry secretary-general and deputy director-general of immigration, he visited the CIQ complex to inspect the situation in the morning.

However, when he was there, he realised that motorcyclists were inexplicably clumped together as traffic movement was slow. Many of them were also honking.

Source: TikTok

“Something is happening down there,” he asserted and told his staff to check on the situation with him.

Chief minister orders staff to remove obstacle for smoother traffic

As Mr Onn Hafiz approached the counter, he was shocked that only a single lane was open. “One lane?!” he exclaimed, saying this shouldn’t be the case.

Walking further down, he noticed a skylift hindering traffic. He ordered another staff to move the skylift immediately.

Source: TikTok

Once that was done, the situation abated. Motorcyclists can be seen travelling towards the immigration counters swiftly.

Mr Onn Hafiz went down to inspect the situation again on Wednesday (3 May) morning and found that everything proceeded as normal.

Congestion eases after visit

Following his visit, Mr Onn Hafiz said several measures would be implemented at the checkpoints in Johor.

This includes installing CCTVs, renovating e-gates, and reviewing the need for bus shuttles to ensure vehicles stay out of the bus lanes.

Source: Onn Hafiz Ghari on Facebook

In addition, authorities have agreed to address a lack of manpower at the checkpoint. This will involve the following:

  • reviewing shift times during rush hour
  • resolving the issue of the immigration staff shortage
  • resolving administrative issues like overtime pay claims
  • emphasising staff welfare by improving rest rooms, counter comforts such as air conditioners and chairs

Mr Onn Hafiz posted an additional update on Wednesday (3 May), stating that he revisited the area.

The attached images show that the congestion in the motorcycle lanes has eased, with authorities directing traffic in an orderly fashion.

Source: Onn Hafiz Ghazi on Facebook

Mr Onn Hafiz thanked parties, such as immigration and customs officers, for assisting.

In addition, he expressed his hope that authorities would continue to work towards easing traffic flow at the Johor checkpoint.

“I am confident that good monitoring and coordination can reduce this congestion issue,” he said. “Furthermore, I also hope the maintenance work in BSI will be done more efficiently.”

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