Johor Esports Hotel Is A Gamer’s Haven With Fast Internet, High-Performance PCs & RGB Lights

First Esports Hotel In Malaysia Is An Ideal Retreat For Gamers

Some gamers prefer visiting gaming cafés for the conducive environment and possibly better equipment, while others prefer gaming in their own homes for comfort and convenience.

Well, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds at what is apparently Malaysia’s first esports hotel, SEM9.

e-hotel Malaysia

Source: Facebook

On the outside, it may look like a typical hotel. However, what makes this one special is that every room comes with high-quality PCs and gaming equipment.

Esports hotel in Malaysia has everything a gamer needs

On Monday (30 May), Facebook user Natasha shared about what she claims to be Malaysia’s first esports hotel, SEM9, located at Senai Centerpoint.

According to her post, the hotel provides guests with high-performance PCs and high-speed Internet. Some rooms are even equipped with a PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Source: SEM9 Hotel

While some gamers may prefer to withdraw into these gaming ‘caves’ alone, those with gamer baes can opt for a ‘couple room’ with a double bed and two PCs.

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Folks who drive up to Malaysia for a trip with their besties or esports squad can find a room they can all share too, complete with four PCs and gaming chairs. Now you’ll look like real pros preparing for online face-offs.

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Source: Facebook

Strips of sleek LED lights elevate the atmosphere in each room, promising an immersive experience for avid gamers.

Source: SEM9 Hotel

This hotel truly has everything a gamer needs for the perfect getaway!

Netizens impressed by unique concept

Needless to say, many people were excited to hear about this revolutionary concept coming to life.

Some pointed out that while such a hotel is relatively new, there is definitely a demand for it.

Source: Facebook

Another user told a friend that they should consider visiting the hotel, joking that it’s okay if they didn’t sleep.

Source: Facebook

One even pointed out that visiting the hotel can save one’s neighbours from being bothered by noise.

Source: Facebook

Book an esports hotel room for your next JB trip

For the full experience, SEM9 also has a merchandise zone where you can get esports apparel from brands like GANK.

Source: SEM9 Hotel

Of course, they have regular rooms too, in case you’re travelling with a bunch of friends, some of whom would just want a quiet vacation.

If you’re already raring to plan your stay at SEM9 soon, here’s how you can find the hotel that’s just a 3-minute walk from Senai International Airport and 9km away from the Johor Premium Outlets mall:

SEM9 Hotel
21, Jalan Terminal 1, 81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia

No more than an hour’s drive away from Woodlands Checkpoint, this is definitely a spot you’d want to consider visiting apart from your usual shopping and eating venues.

Do you know anyone you’d like to jio on your next JB trip? Tag them in the comments so they’ll know about this unique place.

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Featured image adapted from SEM9 Hotel.

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