Kallang Warehouse Sale Has Up To 90% Off Gaming Gear From 27 To 30 Jun

Gaming Gear From Sonicgear & Armaggeddon On Sale At Kallang Warehouse

Gaming gear doesn’t directly impact your skill, but it definitely makes you look and feel cooler. However, these gadgets usually cost a bomb.

Thankfully, there’s a Kallang warehouse sale with discounts of up to 90% off gaming gadgets such as gaming mice and keyboards from 27 to 30 Jun.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect, with reference to a previous sale. Do note that the prices depicted are from 2018’s sale from SINGPromos.

Do note that this price is from 2018’s sale

Membrane and mechanical keyboards to suit every need

Ask anyone who types a lot and you’ll know that a good keyboard does wonders.

Normally, Armaggeddon offers budget keyboards, but you can now purchase gaming-grade keyboards at even lower prices.

Membrane keyboards from last’s year sale start from $5, with the most expensive at just $10.

$5 keyboard that highlights the main keys FPS gamers need

But ‘advanced’ gamers may realise that membranes just won’t cut it after trying out a mechanical keyboard, which gives a better typing experience.

Last year’s sale offered four different mechanical keyboards ranging from $40 to $99, all with back-lit functions so you’ll be even be able to game at night.

Mechanical keyboards are the ones that give a satisfying ‘click, click, click’

Good-quality mice that are made like tanks

For nearly every game, a good mouse will ‘carry’ you to victory.

If yours happens to be a cheap $10 mouse that you got to get by, you might want to consider a replacement.  

Do note that this price is from 2018’s sale

Gaming mice are usually built like tanks. Best of all, they are also extremely ergonomic so you won’t get hand cramps even after using it for hours.

Speakers and earphones to hear enemy footsteps

Sounds matter when you’re on the lookout for enemies. However, you’ll need a good sound system to give you a sense of their exact location.

For that, Sonicgear’s got you well-covered. Expect quality speakers that give you great sound but with a cheap price tag.


If you don’t want to sacrifice portability, consider getting yourself a pair of earphones instead. These ones’ from Sonicgear are available from just $8.


Take your gaming gear to the next level

This year’s sale also offers PC-building services and gaming monitors for those who want to rebuild your whole gaming system from scratch.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your old PC set-up, head down to the warehouse sale to check out some of the deals.


Here’s where it is:

Address: 1 Kallang Sector, #03-05, Singapore 349276
Opening Hours: 10.30am-7pm
Nearest MRT: Geylang Bahru, Potong Pasir

Featured image from Google Maps.

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