6 Stunning Photos Of S’pore In Her Kampung Days Give You Glimpse Into Our Not So Distant Past

Singapore In Her Kampung Days Stunning Photo Exhibition By Photographer Lim Kwong Ling Till 28 Jul

Singapore is a now a thriving metropolis with robot cops and urban farms in our malls of the future but how was it like in its kampung days?

Photographer Lim Kwong Ling’s solo exhibition – A Portrait Of Home – will reveal monochrome photographs from the 1960s and 1970s from 20 June to 28 July.

While younger generations weren’t able to witness the era, these photos will let us develop a newfound appreciation for the past and present Singapore.

1. Mata Ikan

Changi South Ave 3 – currently filled with buildings and offices – used to be the village of Mata Ikan. The beach was ideal for running around by the sea or watching sunsets with friends.


2. Marine Parade

Marine Parade is a major commercial complex with urban shopping centres. Present business owners might remember a time when budding entrepreneurs walked the streets to sell ice balls and kachang puteh.


3. Singapore River

Singapore River’s night time view is laden with neon lights, stunning waterside restaurants and an array of clubs — a far cry from this river brimming with sampans.


4. Potong Pasir

The estate of Potong Pasir now has rows of HDB flats that some of us call home. Longtime residents might recall when it was a lush green paradise with quaint riverside attap houses.


5. Kampung Kids

Before the rise of iPads and smartphones, Kampung kids used to play games on the streets with their cousins and neighbours.


6. Home

HDB residents take a few minutes to reach the ground floor from their unit. Not so long ago, kids could easily go back and forth from their house to the garage.


Travel back to the past

Mr Lim Kwong Ling’s photographs will undoubtedly take many locals back to their childhood.

The Portrait of Home exhibition will run from 20 June to 28 July at Objectifs Chapel Gallery. Those short on cash will be happy to know that admission is free. The opening reception is scheduled next Saturday (22 Jun) while the artist talk is scheduled the next day (23 Jun). Save a seat for the Artist Talk through Peatix.

Those familiar with Mr Lim Kwong Ling’s work will know that his local and overseas Chinese photographs have gained fame since the 1970s. He was formerly the Vice President for The Society of Worldwide Ethnic Chinese Photographers and Honorary President of the Photo-Art Association of Singapore.

If our island’s past has become so unrecognizable in just a few decades, we’re looking forward to how it’ll look by 2050.

Date: 20 Jun to 28 Jul 2019
Place: Objectifs Chapel Gallery (Free admission)
Opening Hours: Tues to Sat, 12:00pm to 7:00pm; Sun, 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Featured image from SG Magazine.

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