Kangaroo caught hopping on road in Chiang Mai, search ongoing

Kangaroo caught hopping on road in Chiang Mai

UPDATE (6pm, 30 May): The kangaroo was found dead at Huai Chang Khian stream in Chiang Mai, reports Bangkok Post.

On Wednesday (29 May), a man in Chiang Mai shared a clip of a kangaroo hopping along a road in the province.

As the clip circulated on social media, it was revealed that the kangaroo had escaped from Chiang Mai Zoo.

Officers from the zoo and a nearby national park are still searching for the kangaroo as of Thursday (30 May).

Kangaroo spotted hopping on Chiang Mai road

On Wednesday morning (29 May), Facebook user Tun Chanachai posted a short video showing a kangaroo hopping along a road in Chiang Mai.

The kangaroo was initially seen hopping along the middle of the road before making a detour to the Royal Thai Navy Seismic Research Station — seen on the right side of the road.

The road in the video is known for being the main route that leads to Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

“Did it escape from somewhere?” the OP wrote in the caption.

kangaroo chiang mai

Source: Facebook

The OP later updated in the post that he had alerted the relevant authorities.

Chiang Mai Zoo officer still searching for kangaroo

According to Amarin TV, Chiang Mai Zoo and Doi Suthep-Pui National Park deployed officers to search for the kangaroo.

The officers said the kangaroo escaped from Chiang Mai Zoo at around 7.50am and hopped along the road that led to Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

Source: Mekha News

After inspecting the area where the kangaroo was sighted, officers claimed it was startled by a barking dog.

Officers have been deployed to surround the area. A vet team from the zoo will also be available to provide assistance.

Speaking to the officers, Amarin TV shared that the two-year-old kangaroo hopped past a caretaker who was about to open the gate and went to the exhibit area.

Afterwards, it exited through the back gate of the enclosure and ran into the Australian Animal and Crab-eating Macaque zones.

The officers had cordoned off the area, but the kangaroo successfully escaped and fled up the road.

As of Thursday (30 May), the kangaroo remains at large. However, officers found footprints and blood trails in the woods behind the seismic station that the kangaroo was headed towards in the video.

Experts, however, warned that the kangaroo might die of exhaustion if it’s not found within two or three days — a kangaroo’s muscles apparently exhaust lots of energy when it’s in a panicked state.

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