8 KFC Outlets Deploy 5 Different Colonel Sanders For Dating In S’pore

Atas cafe dates over truffle fries or casual steamboat dinners with free manicure sessions aside, nothing beats a hearty fried chicken feast with the love of your life sitting across you.

If you’re a fried chicken fan still searching for that chosen one in life, you might be in luck.

From Sunday (21 Jun), you’ll be able to ‘date’ Colonel Sanders dressed in 5 different styles when you dine-in at 8 KFC outlets islandwide.


5 Colonel Sanders you can go on dates with at KFC

Those who like their bae exuding retro vibes will enjoy this ‘version’ of Colonel Sanders. Dressed in a dapper white jacket with a black bow tie, this man clearly knows his stuff when it comes to fried chicken, and stealing your heart.


This anime cut-out of Colonel Sanders is a throwback to days when there were no tummy consequences when feasting on fried food. If you’re keen on dating this oppa in a tuxedo, we advise heading down early — he’s probably going to be in hot demand, just like the Crispy option.


Fancy going on a date with someone ‘cute’? This standee will certainly melt your heart with his bushy eyebrows and moustache.


Some of us need our partners to be good listening ears as we recount our stressful days at work or school. This Colonel Sanders cut-out isn’t just patient and attentive but is a reassuring presence as well, with a beaming smile plastered across his face.


If you found none of the above contestants worthy, we hope you’ll at least give this final Colonel Sanders a chance. He might look pretty ordinary, but trust us when we say he’s got some pretty neat tricks up his sleeves — perhaps that’s why they’re hidden beneath the table.


Help to maintain safe-distancing measures

Jokes aside, the cut-outs are obviously meant for safe-distancing purposes.

If you’d like to go on a date with Colonel Sanders, he’ll be waiting at the following 8 KFC outlets:

  • Compass One
  • JEM
  • Jurong Point
  • Kallang Stadium Boulevard
  • Northpoint City
  • Novena Square
  • Toa Payoh
  • Waterway Point

KFC did not state when the mascots will be departing from the outlets.

But given how Phase 2 is likely to last in the near future, he’ll probably be around to ensure safe-distancing measures are adhered to during this period.

Innovative way to enforce safe distancing measures

Kudos to KFC for creating eligible bachelors for us to spend our dine-in sessions with.

We think it’s a great way to enforce safe distancing measures in their restaurants without coming across as overly restrictive.

As Singaporeans are once again allowed to dine-in at food establishments, we hope they’ll also take safety precautions seriously to prevent any potential spread of the virus.

Trading flirtatious chicken puns with cute colonels included.

Featured image adapted from Facebook