Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre In Khatib Opened On 31 Oct

The weather of late has been erratic of late, it can be sweltering one moment and pouring just the next.

On days when the sun is merciless, working out can be a pretty challenging experience given the heat, but perhaps it can be more bearable when you’re surrounded by a cool body of water.

Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre, located in Khatib, recently opened its doors to members of the public, offering kayak and dragonboat rental from just $8 per hour.

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Khatib Water Sports Centre offers single & double kayak rental

According to the centre’s Facebook page, the new water sports facility recently opened to the public on 31 Oct.

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The facility offers a range of rental options whether you’re a lone wolf or with your fitspo pals:

  • Single kayak
  • Double kayak
  • Dragonboat

Dragonboats, however, is only available for teams at the time of writing.

As the name suggests, the water sports centre is located at Lower Seletar Reservoir, just a short walk away from Khatib MRT station.


Though it’s of close proximity to residential areas, the unobstructed view at the facility is sure to blow visitors away, and could easily pass off as a secluded island in the Caribbean.

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Equipment like kayaks, paddles, and even personal floatation device (PFD) are reportedly spanking new, so you won’t have to worry about using worn-out ones.

Nee Soon MP Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim even visited the sports centre earlier last month, and as you can probably tell, he clearly enjoyed his time there.


Though no certification is required, do note that visitors have to be at least 7 years old in order to kayak.

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A short walk from Khatib MRT

Potential visitors have the choice of either walking-in or securing their slots online.

Here are the prices for 2-hour rental sessions:


For a limited time, kayak rental sessions would cost $8 and $12 for 1- and 2-hour rental sessions respectively, so now’s your chance at dayung sampan-ing with your workout buddies without breaking the bank.

Those considering a 1-hour session may walk in to the facility and make payment directly at the vending machine.

However, those who are keen on 2-hour slots are advised to make a booking via their website beforehand.

Here are more deets on the facility:

Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre
100 Yishun Ave 5, 1S Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769140
Opening hours:
8am-6pm (Fri-Sun, Tues-Wed), closed on Mon and Thurs 
Phone number:
6702 6338
Nearest MRT: Khatib station

For more information, check out Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre’s Facebook and Instagram page.

Dayung sampan with workout buddies

If you and your workout buddies are tired of sweating buckets all the time and would love to give water sports a try, head down to Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre and enjoy a nice workout with scenic views.

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Featured image courtesy of Camelot Singapore.