Kit Kat Frappé Now Sold In Taiwan Has A Chocolate Shell You Can Melt With Milk Or Coffee

Kit Kat Frappé In Taiwan Family Mart Outlets

Think Kit Kat, and the wafer bar coated with luscious layers of milk chocolate is sure to come to mind.

But if you thought that was delicious enough, brace yourselves for even more chocolatey goodness.

We’re talking about an upsized Kit Kat in dense liquefied form — the Kit Kat frappé.


Fill up your frappé with a drink of your choice

While Kit Kat is satiating our tastebuds with all their crazy flavours, the Kit Kat frappé has only 2 main flavours — the OG chocolate and mint chocolate.


As you can see, the drink consists of a wall of chocolate lined up against the interior of the cup.


Simply fill up the hollow middle with either coffee or milk, and watch the Kit Kat wall dissolve into an enticing beverage.


2 Kit Kat flavours

If you’re a huge Kit Kat fan who wants to enjoy the same recognisable taste in your beverage, the OG chocolate flavour is sure to bring back some fond childhood memories.


Too much chocolate can get jelak at times. #firstworldproblems

To solve this, add a touch of mint for a cooling sensation to cut through all that richness.


You can even choose to slot a Kit Kat chocolate wafer bar into the drink to amp up the chocolate flavour — it’s really up to you and your creativity.


Available at Family Mart outlets in Taiwan

The Kit Kat frappé is only available for a limited time, and can now be found in Family Mart stores in Taiwan.

Each cup will set you back S$2.85 (NT$65), a small price to pay for Kit Kat fanatics to get a taste of the iconic chocolate in its liquid form.

If you’re travelling to Taiwan anytime soon, now you know which beverage to get, in addition to all those cups of bubble tea.

Just be warned, you’ll probably want to make that trip soon as the drinks are limited edition and you won’t know when it’ll sell out.

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